17 Signs You're Extremely Irish

By , March 18th, 2014

Irish friends have come together to form a list about themselves that only other Irish lads and lasses will understand — for the rest of us — it’s nevertheless entertaining. Here are 17 things that only true Irish people will appreciate.

1. You say feck a lot

This is not actually an offensive term like f**k. “Feck” comes from “feckless” which means kind of careless, reckless, lazy or irresponsible. Acceptable to say “feck off” to your ma or children. It can also replace the verb to throw: “He fecked a rock through the window of my house.”

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2. Sarcasm is your thing

No matter what the situation is, sarcasm is always appropriate.

Sarcastic Thumbs Up Sad Woman

3. Potatoes everywhere

You can’t cook a meal without it — whether mashed, boiled, fried, baked, the humble spud takes pride of place on the table.

Potato heads

4. You pretend to know Gaelic

… and even trying to use it sometimes to fool foreigners.

happy man

5. Weather holds great importance

You can, and often do, have entire conversations revolving around the weather.

Couple Outdoors at Table

6. You hate it when people use Patty’s Day instead of Paddy’s Day.

PATTY IS A GIRL’S NAME. It always was, and always will be, good old Paddy’s Day.

Patty vs. Paddy
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7. You suffer from PPP (pale people problems)

Your skin tone varies between a creamy snowman white to a lobster shade of pink and back again. Factor 50 sun cream is your best friend.

Photo by Gwydion M. Williams. CC BY

8. You grew up on Guinness

Your mom indirectly breastfed you Guinness because she swears it made you sleep better.

Guinness-Baby Milk
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9. You’ve got the Catholic guilt

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were all in attendance for any mistake you ever made, EVER.

Catholic guilt
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10. A cup of tea is your solution for everything

And If not tea, then a pint will always work.

irish drunken
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11. You say “it’ll be grand” when you want to die inside

It’s perfectly acceptable to say ‘it’ll be grand’, or ‘I’ll be grand’ for any situation including after minor or even major accidents.

little child is crying

12. You love a bit of crack

… oops sorry that’s craic, (Irish word for fun), not crack, hopefully.

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13. Being exceptionally mean and harsh to someone usually means they’re your best friend

… it’s called banter (this does not work in other countries and comes across as bullying).

Cat Fight
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14. Although Bono is considered a symbol of national pride, you secretly hate him

You will, however, defend him to the death from criticism from anyone not from Ireland.

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15. Everyone’s family — literally

You feel completely comfortable traveling to an unknown city because you can always stay with a friend of a friend of your long-lost cousin’s mother’s brother twice removed … it’s family after all!

weird family

16. Your cure for a common cold (or any other illness) is a ‘hot toddy’

Hot whiskey, cloves, brown sugar and a slice of lemon — although this comes from your friends over in Scotland, you adopted its amazing-ness.

Photo by fritish. CC BY

17. Going for a ‘quiet wee pint’ almost always ends up in a massive blackout

… and waking up in a field.

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