5 Reasons Why Texas Festivals Are The Best

By , December 22nd, 2014

Any proud Texan will tell you that it indeed is a country unto itself, and with good reason. This state is the 2nd largest by both size and population and if it were a country, it’d be the 40th largest in the world. For those keeping count, that’s larger than any country in the EU. For these reasons and many more, being from the exceptional state of Texas is a noteworthy statement in its own right and there is no better way to understand this feeling than by attending a great Texas festival. But what makes them so great? Well in my own humble (and completely biased) opinion, here are a few reasons why Texas festivals are the best in the country and probably even the world.

Texans Are Proud

 Everything Is Bigger in Texas

Many Americans are proud and patriotic, but Texans elevate these feelings to all new levels. More than just American pride, Texans are proud to be from Texas and they let you know it almost immediately. It’s for this reason that festivals in Texas create such a unique atmosphere. It’s not just a boastful, undeserving pride that made the “Don’t mess with Texas” catchphrase so popular – a phrase originally intended as an anti-litter message. The state really does have a lot to be proud of and that is immediately evident at any event you attend.

Everything Is Bigger in Texas

Everything Is Bigger in Texas
Photo by order_242

People often say that everything is bigger in Texas and to an extent it’s true. You’ll often find portion sizes in restaurants to be enormous and it’s common to see plenty of 4×4 trucks with massive lift kits driving around the streets of most Texas towns. This “bigger is better” mentality comes out in the festivals throughout Texas and it makes for a unique and enjoyable experience. In fact, the Renaissance festival in Todd Missions, Texas is stated to be the largest Renaissance themed festival in the country and the more obscure Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup is also the world’s largest.

Texans Love Food

Everything is Bigger in Texas
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Texans love to eat and celebrate with their local foods. Actually, one of the most popular types of food in the US was created in this region, the delicious Tex Mex. This American inspired Mexican food is a creation unlike anything else and can now be found throughout the country, although its roots are purely Texan. Also specific to the state is Texas-style barbecue, which centers around beef and focuses on beef brisket often served up with a slice of Texas toast, a thick slice of white bread. Of course this foodie mentality transitions well into great food oriented festivals covering a range of cuisines like chili, sausage, hot sauce and, of course, barbecue.

The Weather

Everything is bigger in Texas
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Texas generally has mild winters and hot summers. Since there’s rarely any snow to keep people indoors, you will find festivals go all year round. Texans love the outdoors, a passion that comes through in the festivals. From the winter in January for San Antonio‘s Riverwalk Mud Festival to the summer in June for the Luling Watermelon Thump, each month has something special to offer.

Texans Are Competitive

Texas love food
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People from Texas are competitive but this can bring out the best in a festival or event. Many of their food festivals involve competitions with people fighting for their right to say they make the best chili, enchiladas or barbecue in the state. And when people know their foods are going to be judged, they put hours of time and effort into the preparation. From food contests to film festivals to rodeos, there’s plenty of competition to be found around the Lone Star State.

Top 5 Festivals to Visit in Texas

Photo by Mike
  1. South by Southwest
  2. Texas Strawberry Festival
  3. San Antonio’s Riverwalk Mud Festival
  4. State Fair of Texas
  5. Texas Rose Festival

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