A Stunning Photo Journal of The California Coast

I rarely travel domestically and the reason why is very simple:

The less “different” a culture is to mine, the less inspired I am by it. Many places in the U.S. are more or less the same, which is why I prefer to jet-set abroad.

The truth is that I travel internationally so much there’s almost no time left for domestic trips, save for those to see my family outside of St. Louis – I haven’t regularly traveled domestically for the sake of pleasure in nearly a decade. Frankly, I no longer have the authority to make such sweeping generalizations about domestic travel.

Consequently, one of the main objectives of my recent trip up the Highway 1 Discovery Route, which runs along the coast of San Luis Obispo County, California, was to disprove this statement once and for all, hopefully with ample photographic evidence to support my counter-claim.

Care to take a look at some of it?

My drive along the Pacific Coast Highway 1, as well as my two-night stay in charming Morro Bay, not only proved to me that I can be inspired by and produce great photos when I’m not somewhere whose name I can’t pronounce – it has actually inspired me to take more domestic trips, starting with a weekend jaunt to D.C. in late October. It’s like the old saying – So goes California, so goes the nation. Robert visits California – Robert visits the (whole) nation? Yes, I like the sound of that!