A Taste of Paris: Art Lovers

“A Taste of Paris” shows our readers a side of the City of Lights beyond the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre,

offering insights into the French capital’s neighborhoods that are informative and inspiring.

Travis’ Tips to Art Lovers visiting Montmartre

Brunch at the Hotel Grand Amour: Andre Saraiva has created a hotel that is perfect for the free spirit art traveler.

Drink at the Terrass: The Terrass Hotel Bar is one of the best rooftops in Paris with views to the Eiffel Tower. On a hot day this rooftop bar is a must! And why not stay over? Get a room close to the party on trivago!

Visit the Galerie Landau: Galerie Landau is a fantastic gallery open to the public that features many great pieces by local artists.

Dine at Le Petit Parisien: This is a lovely little restaurant on a quiet street in the heart of Montmartre. It’s a great spot with a great atmosphere to truly be with the locals.

Walk Rue Lepic: Rue Lepic is the heart of Montmartre. The street is where Van Gogh once lived and today is filled with many shops, restaurants and bars.

Notez bien! Montmartre is on a hill and has many pebbled streets, so wear comfortable shoes.

Hotspots for Art Lovers

  • Climb the steps up to the Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur and take in a sweeping view of the city like Travis (and why not take a #Montmartre selfie too!)
  • Relive the Belle Époque at the Musée de Montmartre and admire the contemporary offerings around smaller private galleries dotting the area
  • Profess your love for Paris at the Mur des je t’aime with ‘I love you’ written in a multitude of languages
  • Catch one of the nightly cabaret performances at the legendary Moulin
  • Rouge and have a pre-show bite a the Café des Deux Moulins (you may get your crème brûlée served by Amélie herself!)
  • Crafters and designers will love the fabrics spread across five stories at the Marché Saint-Pierre and its neighbor Tissus Reine
    Shoot hoops (– or arrange a photoshoot) at Pigalle’s punchy colored Basketball court tucked between apartment buildings on Rue Duperré

Hotels in Montmartre: The average hotel stay in the 18th arrondissement (Butte-Montmartre) will run you $224, according to trivago data, with slight savings further south into the 9th arrondissement (Opéra-Pigalle) at $222.

Grand Pigalle Hôtel


On a short stroll south of Montmartre, Art Lovers will soon cross into what’s been dubbed SoPi (South Pigalle). Sharing the same street with trendsetting streetwear boutiques and smart wine bars is the très cool four-star Grand Pigalle Hôtel.

Draped in dark and pastel colors, the boutique establishment’s 37 guestrooms play with geometry, materials and light. If retro, sophisticated and minimalist figure largely into your design style lexicon, it’s time to add “Grand Pigalle” to it as well.

Grand Pigalle

Top rated
9.1 Excellent (421 reviews)

Hôtel Montmartre Mon Amour

If the fun and flirty artiste in you is trying to break free, let it run wild at the Hôtel Montmartre Mon Amour! Deluxe rooms take their inspiration from 19th and 20th century French lovers (stay the night with Edith Piaf or Simone de Beauvoir) while Classic rooms invite the ultimate romantics in Montmartre. Take advantage of standard in-room amenities like free WiFi, a stocked coffee-tea stand (Nespresso for your brew and Mariage Frères for your infusions), plush bathrobes and soundproofing.

A stay Montmartre Mon Amour places Art Lovers right around the corner from Sacré-Cœur and close to Anvers and Château Rouge metro stations. Moreover, nothing quite comes as close to the definition amour as the fresh heart-shaped waffles included in the hotel’s continental buffet breakfast.

Hotel Montmartre Mon Amour

8.1 Very good (1279 reviews)