Adults Only All-Inclusive Resorts and Hotels From Around the World

Your eyelids can barely stay open, but in a cruel twist, you can’t fall asleep either.

The youngest is shrieking about who knows what and there’s another one crying because they tripped over their own feet and face-planted.

Or, maybe you don’t have kids. Maybe you’ve heard too many stories about stinky diapers or that article you read about overpopulation gave you nightmares, so you decided to voluntarily opt out of reproduction.

Whichever bucket you fall in, you want to travel without kids. You want to be surrounded by adults only as a sort of guarantee that you’ll finally get some deep sleep and not have to be bothered by those shrill screams that somehow hit previously unrecorded decibel levels where the glass doesn’t just break, it throws itself over the ledge.

Finding the ideal adults only hotel or all-inclusive resort can be a bit of a challenge. Where do you even begin? Lord knows you want to be careful with what you Google (or Bing or DuckDuckGo).

To save you the trouble, and from having to quickly delete your cookies, we’ve rounded up our best articles on adults-only all-inclusive resorts ranging from Costa Rica and Mexico to the United States and Thailand.

Adults Only All-Inclusive Resorts and Hotels From Around the World

Texas, Florida, Cancun, Las Vegas — you just can’t beat these destinations when it comes to having a good time. No matter what, you know there’s a beach or swanky bar you can check out and party until your voice gets sore.

But what if you’re a little older (just a smidge) and you want to bring it down a notch? You don’t want to give up on these destinations, but you’re also not ready to sign up for a family-friendly hotel. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 14 properties featuring adults-only all-inclusive resorts, hotels, and pools.

Costa Rica All-Inclusive Adults Only Resorts

Costa Rica is renowned for its natural splendors, wonderful tropical foliage, and rolling surf smacking against both the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines. Wildlife lovers and surfers mixed with an enthusiastic community of expatriates (and of course Costa Ricans themselves) blend together in search of the pura vida lifestyle.

That’s why this special place has become a bucket list destination for many. One way to make your visit even more memorable is by turning your trip into an adults only, all-inclusive escape.

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Caribbean All Inclusive Adults Only Resorts

Surely we’re not the only ones who start humming the Beach Boys’ “Kokomo” whenever the weather takes a nasty turn, hoping that somehow we’ll get transported to the fictional tropical paradise. Fortunately, most of the destinations that they sing about are very much real, and as it turns out, they make for fantastic all-inclusive adults-only vacations in the Caribbean.

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Cancun and Playa del Carmen All-Inclusive Adults Only Resorts

Bali-beds surrounded by white sand, bottomless margaritas at the swim-up bar, and dancing the night away with new friends as your wildest dreams (or fantasies?) ensue. That’s what’s in store when you plan an all-inclusive adults only vacation to Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

Thailand All-Inclusive Adults Only Resorts

All-inclusive resorts aren’t as common in Thailand as they are in, say, Mexico or the Caribbean. In this roundup, we look at adults-only properties that offer an all-inclusive, unlimited supply of a specific amenity.

Though the drinks might not be endless, Thailand itself more than makes up for it. Besides the fact that your money goes much further here, you’ll be surrounded by mouth-watering cuisine as you watch those cinematic sunsets from the ledge of your infinity pool.

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Adults Only Hotels and Resorts in California

Some might think you need to get out of the United States to find a proper adults only hotel or resort. Truth is, you can find plenty of fantastic, elegant options right here in California.

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Florida Adults Only Resorts and Hotels

Florida and its seemingly continuous sunshine remain a top travel destination in the United States (and throughout the world) for good reason. Novels could be written on everything that the state offers, but we’re here to talk about adults-only resorts and hotels. No surprise, the sunshine state has plenty offer canoodling couples looking for a sexy vacation away from the kids.

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