Attention Fashionistas : These Are America’s Most Stylish Cities

By , November 21st, 2014

Planning a fashion infused trip around the US? For fashion lovers, there are some obvious choices: New York and Los Angeles being some of the biggest and arguably, the most daring in their style choices. Surely there must be more fashion capitals in this great country? Here’s a look at America’s most stylish cities for all the fashion darlings.

Cute & Quirky

Streetstyle Portland, Oregon
Photo by Eugenio Marongiu/ Dollar Photo Club

They said it first: Keep Portland Weird. If that’s not a recipe for an innovative fashion scene, I don’t know what is. Portland caters to the hipster crowd with a perfect amount of bike riding dresses and leather brogue shoes. As if you needed more convincing to get your Zooey Deschanel or Joseph Gordon-Levitt on in Portland, here’s a fun fact: shopping in Oregon is tax free! To keep the hipster vibe going, book a room at the quirky Hotel Modera.

Eclectic & A little Country

Nashville shopping
Photo by Muffinn 

Music has long been the driving beat of Nashville and that has created the naturally stylish metropolis it is today. Nashville offers eclectic looks with, what else, a touch of homegrown country flair. When you’re imagining country fashion do you picture big blonde hair, pink-fringed blouses and rhinestone boots? Wrong! Nashville has a strong design industry, delivering 70’s inspired stage wear and high quality leatherwork. Make sure to visit during the month of April for Nashville Fashion Week! To stay close to the downtown action, there’s no better hotel than the Indigo Nashville.

Trendy & High Fashion

Luxury shopping in Irvine California
Photo by rawartistmedia

It may lack Nashville’s gritty outlook on style but it more than makes up for that with high-end luxury boutiques such as Dior, Hermès and Chanel. While Irvine isn’t the country’s biggest trendsetter, its residents have some of America’s highest spending habits. For a true O.C. experience, spend a day at Fashion Island, the area’s major outdoor shopping center where you’ll likely shop alongside locals such as Dita Von Teese or Lauren Conrad. To fit in with the rich and famous, consider spending the night at the always trendy Fairmont Newport Beach.

Homegrown & Hip

Shopping in Philadelphia
Photo by Paul Hill/ Dollar Photo Club 

Did you know that Philadelphia has a deeply rooted fashion history? It is the birthplace of numerous design heavyweights such as Urban Outfitters, Tory Burch and Ralph Pucci. Home also to the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator, this great city is ideal for those designers looking to commit long term. The program backed by retail giant Macy’s, aims to keep homegrown designers in the city. If you’re in town, head to Walnut Street (also known as Rittenhouse Row) to find major retail stores. For hipster finds, head to Northern Liberties, a neighborhood reminiscent of old Williamsburg. A favorite hip but classic hotel in Philly is the Latham Philadelphia.

Rebellious & Vintage-infused

Austin street style
Photo by Ted Murphy 

Dallas may be one of the country’s top shopping destinations but Austin, its rebellious cousin, is labeled as an indie darling of the Southern United States. Mixing classic southern designs with rock star attitude, Austin fashionistas don’t kid around. Scope out some of the city’s best threads in the Clarksville district for custom-made denim pants – yes, really – or over to Brentwood to get your vintage fix. To experience luxury with a personality, be sure to stay at the always fashionable W Austin.

Glamorous & Hot

Shopping in Miami, Florida
Photo by Yeko Photo Studio/ Dollar Photo Club 

Miami may be the only place where high temperatures are outdone by even hotter looks. As Art Deco became prevalent in the 1930s, so did the city’s reputation as a glamorous destination with major cachet. However, it’s thanks to the success of Miami Vice in the 1980’s that the city is still associated with expensive cars and the beautiful people who drive them. Head to Lincoln Road for high-end boutiques and people watching. If you’re looking for gritty, artsy shops, Wynwood is the place to be. To live out your art deco dreams, there’s no better hotel than the classic Breakwater.

Did your favorite city top the list? What are your American fashion hot spots?

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