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Best All-Inclusive Resorts and Hotels For Every Type of Traveler

All-inclusive travel. What’s not to love? You get all the joys of travel, a vacation, but without having to make a single, solitary decision after you hit that ever-so-tempting “confirm booking.” (Okay, maybe you need to decide between beer, wine, or a cocktail, but woe is you…)

Below we’ve compiled some of our favorite all-inclusive travel stories ranging from family vacations to adults only excursions. Feel free to save this page as we’ll be updating with new stories as we continue to follow the latest, exciting trends in all-inclusive travel.

Cancun and Playa del Carmen All-Inclusive Family Resorts

Every family has its own way of having fun. For Dad, it might be pretending to be a sea monster at the deep end of the pool. Meanwhile, mom is teaching the kids how to macarena. Kids, of course, are busy building sand castles and learning to swim with their eyes open underwater. Ultimately, it’s about the time you spend together and the time you enjoy apart. (After all, Mom and Dad need to hit up that swim-up bar.)

To help you plan your next family vacation, we’ve selected some of our favorite all-inclusive family resorts in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. These properties are kid-proof, meaning you’ll be in an ideal spot to make your next batch of family memories.

Belize All-Inclusive Resorts

Belize. There’s the piercing eye of the Great Blue Hole, an iconic diving site renowned across the globe, and the lush, tropical rainforest with a symphony of birds chirping throughout the day. It’s hard to believe that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

To help you take your Central American adventure to the next level, we dove into some of the best all-inclusive resorts in Belize that are committed to delivering guests an unforgettable experience.

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Cabo All-Inclusive Resorts and Hotels

Planning a trip to Los Cabos? Save yourself some time and go for an all-inclusive resort (or hotel). It’s the best way to guarantee yourself an utterly relaxing vacation.

To help you pick a winner from the pack, we went ahead and selected right all-inclusive resorts and hotels in Cabo San Lucas where you’ll never run out of delicious food and drink, an ocean view is just at the corner of your room, and swimming pools outnumber some small families. Have a look and select your ideal all-inclusive resort to get your next family vacation or romantic getaway off on the right foot!

Punta Cana All-Inclusive Family Resorts

Trampolines, kids clubs, snorkeling, pools — need we say more? These family-friendly, all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana have a little bit of everything, guaranteed to satisfy everyone in the family. Enjoy that margarita with the book or spike your heart rate with some parasailing before moving that belt buckle up a notch for the buffet dinner.

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Best All-Inclusive, Adults-Only Resorts

Places like Texas, Florida, Cancun, and Las Vegas have been giving travelers some of their best party memories for the better part of a generation. You got in the car, found your way to a beach or swanky bar, and partied until your voice went sore.

The nightlife of Las Vegas, the beaches of Florida and Cancun, the wild west vibe of Texas — these party destinations have been giving travelers some of their best memories for decades. Now, you’re a bit older (but not too much!), and though you’re still itching for the likes of Sin City, you also want to get to bed at a reasonable hour without putting up with shrieking children. That’s why we went hunting for some of the best all-inclusive, adults-only resorts. You’ve got your all-inclusive hotels with bottomless cocktails, inns with fascinating architecture, and of course, plenty of gourmet breakfasts. Sitter cancel on you at the last minute? No worries, we found some adults-only pools, too.