Episode 09: How Digital Nomads Are Killing The Office Cubicle

By , July 10th, 2017

Greg Caplan, Remote Year

The world is Greg Caplan’s office. Greg co-founded Remote Year, a global program that consists of 75 people traveling together for one year all while working remotely. Greg shares the story of how his hunt to find a few friends to travel with turned into a growing community of go-getters that are venturing outside the office cubicle and into the world.

“With flexibility, people can have a work environment that reflects their lifestyle.”

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Anita Komarek, Hotel Schani

Hotel Schani started off as an idea in 2011, looking toward what the hotels of the future will be like. What will travelers expect? They did their research and the surveys said — travelers want co-working spaces at hotels. They want to connect and network with their fellow travelers. Anita Komarek takes us through Hotel Schani in Vienna.

“It’s just like in the coffee houses 100 years before in Vienna. If you think about it, they were already co-working spaces.”

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Mentioned on the Show


The New York Times: “More American employees are working remotely, and they are doing so for longer periods, according to a Gallup survey released on Wednesday. Last year, 43 percent of employed Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely, according to the survey of more than 15,000 adults. That represents a four percentage point increase since 2012, a shift that meets the demands of many job seekers.”


Featured photo courtesy of: Rawpixel