Last Minute Cannes Trip? How to Attend (And Get In) For Under $1,000

By , April 25th, 2017

Cannes Film Festival, usually exclusive to men named Jean-Phillip III and pixie-haired models named Tois, is now…oddly affordable by Cannes’ standards.

Using some flight-finder magic and trivago’s super-secret hotel-spotting-technology, we’ve crafted a last-minute Cannes itinerary for under $1,000.

How does it work?

For starters, you’re not staying in Cannes with Leo and his Victoria’s Secret models. No, you’re staying in nearby Nice. It’s nice, don’t worry. And transport between the two cities is just 30-minutes by train and about $12 round-trip.

While 82-percent of hotels in Cannes are sold out, that’s not the case in Nice, where hotels are plentiful. You can find some as cheap as $54/night.

Now that the hotel’s settled, getting to Nice is not quite as arduous as you might expect. Though flights are still pricey, they aren’t the $1,000-one-way-wallet-snatchers that keep you grounded. Flying budget carrier Norwegian Airlines, you can get to and from Nice for under $650 round-trip.

The final concern: How on Earth can you get into the mythical, industry-only event?

Here’s a secret: Part of it is free.

You can catch free screenings–on the beach–every night of the festival. Additionally, during Critic’s Week, anyone can snag a free ticket, so long as you find their unassuming ticket tent located–cough, cough–next to the Miramar Hotel.

Furthermore, there’s always the option to stand out in front of the red carpets and hope a passerby gives away their ticket–which they often do. At Cannes, unlike many film festivals, attendees are required to attend all films for which they enlist, and those who can’t just give ‘em away. Pro-tip: Make sure you only take the blue tickets, though.

On top of all of that, the Director’s Fortnight is just seven euros and affords plenty of films and even a Q&A with the directors.

If you plan accurately, all of this adds up to roughly $983 for a week at Cannes–yacht, not included.

Featured Image courtesy of Flickr / thierry llansades