Think Super Bowl’s Expensive? It’s Got Nothing On European Soccer

By , May 22nd, 2017

If you thought America’s obsession with football was crazy, it’s got nothing on soccer in Europe. On June 3, the UEFA Champions League Final, Europe’s version of the Super Bowl, takes place in Cardiff, Wales, and prices for the event are outrageous to say the least.

Tickets for the event start—start!—at over $1,400 on TicketsMate. And that’s just for one seat in the nosebleeds! Prices seem to average around $2,800; however, Skybox pass runs a mere $155,000–if you’re cool dropping over 2 years of salary on a match.

As if the ticket prices aren’t hard enough on the wallet, hotel rates are just as damaging. Outside of pitching a tent along the city skirts (literally, the cheapest option at $160/night), a night in Cardiff during championship weekend averages $1,206 per night–or about $2,212 for the weekend. Even one-star hotels start at $1,236/night, and according to trivago’s hotel inventory, 96% of the city’s hotels are completely sold out.

At this rate, you’re basically taking out a mortgage on a room at a Welsh inn.

Compare these prices to the Super Bowl in Houston, and the NFL seems down-right cheap:

Champions LeagueSuper Bowl
Average Ticket Price$2,808$2,208

Needless to say, if you’re a Real Madrid or Juventus heading to Wales, it’s time to invest in camping gear.

Featured image courtesy of Wikimedia