Coachella Hotel Prices Are Straight Up Ridiculous

By , March 30th, 2017

Tickets? $400
Updated “hippie” wardrobe? $150
Lodging at a one-star motel? $462

And the stay at said motel is literally one of the better remaining deals within walking distance to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California.

With just a few weeks until the celebs, socialites, and, oh yeah, the occasional music fan dance their way to Empire Polo Grounds, the annual last-minute panic to secure a place to stay is incentivizing hotels to up-up-up their prices… by more than 168-percent.

Just look at these average hotel rates during festival weekends:

Weekend BeforeFirst WeekendSecond Weekend
April 7: $172April 14: $460April 21: $451
April 8: $174April 15: $448April 22: $466
April 9: $131April 16: $308April 23: $358

Needless to say, those critics complaining that the festival has morphed from free-spirits toking to tunes into a who’s who of the there-to-be-seen glambots are almost certainly right.

And prices are clearly getting out of hand. Even compared to last year, hotel prices within the 10-mile radius of Indio are up $120, on average, a 35-percent increase.

One weekend to attend the festival, even if you’re roughing it, will easily run $600, if you count the admission ($400), camping fee ($100), and three days of food and drinks and “fun” ($100) — this isn’t even including the second weekend. Factor in a hotel and this price exceeds $1,000 for a three day trip.

Three. Days.

Once those three days are over, though, room rates on April 24 drop back down to a comfortable $138/night.

Oh, and if you think all hotels pull these stunts, you’d be quite mistaken. For example, during Bonnaroo, hotel rates in Manchester…hardly increase a cent–hovering around $75 per night.

Talk about supply and demand, eh.

Featured image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons