Valentine's Day

Valentine's Vacation? Couples Are Looking For The Cheapest Price Possible

By , February 9th, 2017

Love might be in the air, but couples are NOT splurging this Valentine’s Day. looked at the top ten most popular travel destinations this Valentine’s Day and compared the average Valentine’s Day hotel rate with the average hotel prices couples are clicking. Let’s just say: Couples aren’t trying to spend this Valentine’s Day.

Just look at Vegas, for example, where a romantic weekend–or wedding weekend if you’ve had one too many–starts at $143/night. Couples, though, would much rather spend closer to $96/night.

On average, couples are clicking prices that are about 20% cheaper than the average hotel price.

Just look at the comparisons among the top destinations:

Of course not all couples are forgoing the romance. Some lovers are rekindling the fire by electing to enjoy the comfort of a B&B, and for that there seems to be no destination more popular than the beaches of Key West or the Creole cottages of The Big Easy.



Feature image courtesy of Max Pixel