Daytona 500: 2017's Most Expensive Sporting Event... So Far

By , February 13th, 2017

The 59th incarnation of the Daytona 500 is coming up and hotel prices are already shaping it as the most expensive sporting event of 2017 with college football and the NFL smelling burnt rubber.

More expensive than the 2017 College Football National Championship in Tampa, more expensive than the Super Bowl in Houston, this year’s Daytona 500 smokes the competition with a peak hotel price of $521/night across the city’s 160 hotels on the Saturday before gentlemen start their engines.

EventPeak Price
Daytona 500$521/night
Super Bowl LI$379/night
College Football National Championship$287/night

None of this is entirely surprising, though. Daytona’s popularity often exceeds some of Florida’s other top events like Christmas and New Year’s Eve at Disney World, which last year cost $330/night and $369/night, respectively. Even for last year’s race, trivago’s data shows a peak price of $545/night, so we can expect rates for this year’s race to tick up even more as we get closer.

Will the Daytona 500’s place as the most expensive sporting event of 2017 hold? Our hotel data experts (read: nerds) aren’t so sure. There’s another event coming up in a few months that looks poised to top it. We’ll give you a couple hints — the athletes head in the same direction, but with a slightly different vehicle and it rhymes with “Shmenducky Ferby.”

Check back on the 22nd for a price update. Meantime, our hats off to the boys (and Danica Patrick) of the International Speedway. (And for internal linking purposes, check out which hotels our editors think the hottest NASCAR drivers are going for whenever they finally park.)

UPDATE: As of February 22nd, average hotel prices in Daytona Beach, Florida have gone up to $610 the night before the race. Another option? Consider staying in Orlando or Jacksonville where average prices hover around $180 and $124 respectively on February 25th.


Featured image courtesy of Daytona International Speedway