America, Are You Serious!? Final Four 2017 Hotel Prices Are Ridiculous, Baby!

By , March 28th, 2017

Do you hear that? The sound of middle-aged men across the United States weeping over the tattered remains of their March Madness bracket? That means we’ve arrived at Final Four 2017 in Phoenix.

To be fair to the aforementioned weeping middle-aged men, whoever saw South Carolina getting this far is a freaking Nostradamus. Duke is a Final Four staple and the Gamecocks shut that noise down to the tune of an 88-81 win. Same goes for Wisconsin, who put the brakes on Villanova’s repeat like a prom date gone awry. “Nope. Stop right there. You’re going home.”

We thought reality might set in this past weekend, and it did to an extent, but South Carolina is the official bracket buster of 2017 with their Florida upset — putting them in the Final Four for the first time in school history. They’ll take on Gonzaga April 1 followed by Oregon and UNC later that night. That means four loyal fan bases are duking it out for the best hotels in Phoenix.

As per usual, the hoop-heads at trivago have you covered with the latest average hotel pricing and availability surrounding the University of Phoenix Stadium and the greater Glendale-Phoenix area.

Final Four matchups take place on April 1 followed two days later by the Championship on April 3. No surprise, it’ll be a pricey trip with extremely limited availability near the arena based on our findings below.

Date Within Five Miles Citywide
March 31 $195 $285
April 1 $234 $285
April 2 $323 $292
April 3 $238 $258
Search Period: March 1 to March 27, 2017

The biggest surprise we saw was a significant drop-off in pricing for the night of the championship. When we checked last week before the Elite Eight, hotel prices averaged at $327/night within five miles of the stadium — that’s a whole Benjamin, baby! (Formerly cocky fans canceling their room, perhaps?)

Naturally, options open up a bit when we look at the entire city of Phoenix. About 80 of the city’s 270-some hotels show availability. (Metrowide there are still about 350 hotels with availability.) That’s a bit of a contrast to the mere five hotels with availability in the five-mile radius. Two of those come in at just over a mile from the stadium: Staybridge Suites Phoenix Glendale with deals starting at $613/night and Comfort Suites Univ. of Phoenix Stadium Area at $479/night.

Availability is likely to keep dwindling as the Final Four approaches. The longer you wait, the more expensive things will be. Your best bet for saving some coin is, naturally, to stay further away from the action. But what college basketball fan wants that? You could always chalk it up as a future problem between you and your bank account. Then again, we’re hotel nerds with a basketball problem — not bankers.

UPDATE: Are you kidding me!? Availability has actually increased since the Elite Eight and this posting. Both Staybridge Suites Phoenix-Glendale and Renaissance Phoenix Glendale Hotel & Spa are within a mile of the arena and showing availability.

Featured Image: Courtesy of Flickr CC / Sarah McDevitt