Fitness Hotels That Burn The Most Calories

Summer season may come and go, but staying fit and building a strong body should be top priority all year round.

Why not take a Fit-caytion this year to make the most of your vacation time? We’ve rounded up the best resorts that will have you sweating and smiling as you reach your personal fitness goals and leave with more than just a tan! These are the ultimate fitness hotels that will get you in shape.



Tulum is just about the hottest city on this side of the world, currently competing with Williamsburg for the hipster/fashion capitol of the Americas. The Amansala Resort attracts the likes of Sienna Miller, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista to this slice of white sanded and turquoise water paradise. The real draw, however, is their Bikini Bootcamp. Begin each day with a stretch on the beach, a one hour power walk and then get ready for the real workouts: circuit training, yoga, followed by deliciously healthy organic lunches and salsa dancing into the night. You’ll also benefit from cooking and nutrition classes, group meditation sessions, and outings to local cultural sites as well as ample beach time. You’ll emerge glowing from the inside out.

  • Your fitness persona: For the Celebrity Body-Double Wanna-be
  • The Best Part: You’ll love the cuisine full of fresh grilled fish, ceviche and fruit smoothies from local produce

Tulum Townhouse by Amansala

7.1(48 reviews)


All the warmth and hospitality of the Travaasa Hana Hotel in Maui won’t get you into shape. But, if you’re ready to get that summer bod, join one of their private boot camps. Don’t worry about losing motivation — the surrounding Hawaiian scenery will have you pumped to get out everyday and see just how far you can push yourself! Hawaii is a gym unto itself and while you’re not boot-camping, you’ll still be pursuing healthy activities like snorkeling, hiking, and outdoor yoga. Regain balance, strength and detoxify your body and mind during yoga practice in the open-air Wellness Center. Later, head to the onsite spa where your tired muscles can decamp and relax with a massage.

  • Your fitness persona: For The Fresh-Air Enthusiast
  • The Best Part: The pool with the ocean view

Hana-Maui Resort, a Destination by Hyatt Residence

Top rated
9.1 Excellent (1951 reviews)



It’s easy to get active at the Red Mountain Resort in Utah. Completely enveloped in the red cliffs and canyons that make up the nearby Zion and Bryce National Parks, this resort offers all kinds of fitness and nutrition packages. When you’re not busy frolicking through miles of nearby hiking trails, you can get customized care from the resort, helping you with everything from nutritional guidance to Sun Salutation instruction. Their fitness instructors tailor all kinds of programs to meet all your fitness goals, all while keeping you excited about what you’re doing. Alongside getting in shape, you’ll also get to meet the wild Mustangs of Utah, go rock climbing and kayaking down the rapids.

  • Your fitness persona: For The Person Who Can’t Sit Still
  • The Best Part: Guided star gazing in the evenings under the clearest desert skies imaginable.

Red Mountain Resort

Top rated
9.0 Excellent (1443 reviews)



The Body Holiday is an all-inclusive resort on one of the most stunning islands in the world. This swanky resort is dedicated to getting you fit with a huge range of activities to keep you busy, sweaty and building muscle. Start with the BodyAware program which comprises of personalized consultations helping you improve your nutritional habits, setting you up with a regular exercise schedule and building a healthy and attainable lifestyle. Keep yourself entertained by trying something new — the resort offers classes in Scuba, BodyYoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and Archery as well as adventure excursions to explore the beautiful island. You’ll never want to leave.

  • Your fitness persona: For The Fresh-Air Enthusiast
  • The Best Part: Try out the TRX Suspension Training where you leverage your own body weight during training for maximum calorie burn.

BodyHoliday St Lucia

Top rated
Gros Islet
8.8 Excellent (53 reviews)



Want to rehabilitate your whole lifestyle? Head to the Four Seasons Westlake for their week-long life rebooting program, charged by the California Health & Longevity Institute. It might not be as hardcore as other wellness resorts since you’ll be able to enjoy a secret cocktail poolside at least occasionally, as well as getting detox spa treatments, hypnotherapy, and acupuncture. You’ll also get personalized sessions with physicians, lifestyle consultants, registered dietitians and exercise physiologists who will help you create a personalized plan. Not intense enough to get you that summer bod quick? Sign-up for the acclaimed four-day The Ranch 4.0. Operated by the nearby celebrity-adored Ranch at Live Oak Malibu at the Four Seasons, the program has 8-10 hours of rigorous exercise every day including mountain hiking, exercise classes, yoga sessions and daily massages.

  • Your fitness persona: For the Celebrity Body-Double Wannabe
  • The Best Part: All the low calories and vegetarian Ranch 4.0 meals are served in the beautiful on-site greenhouse.

Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village

Top rated
Westlake Village
9.6 Excellent (1796 reviews)



Just barely over the Mexican border near San Diego is Rancho La Puerta, 3,000 acres of lush paradise and the original fitness spa in North America, opened since 1940. The property can only be described as lush with Mexican textiles and tapestries decorating the interiors while the outside playground is built against the foot of Mount Kuchumaa. Shed pounds with Pilates, yoga, hiking, aqua-exercise, circuit training and plenty of other options to keep you motivated and get your body strong. This is not a weight-loss facility per se, but the combination of intense workouts coupled with generous portions of organic food, low in sodium, refined flours and sugars, with lots of fresh seafood will make you see results. The resorts goal is to see an overall improvement in the balance of your mind, body and spirit.

  • Your fitness persona: For The Health-Conscious Spiritualist
  • The Best Part: The newly opened poolside raw juice bar where you can sip fresh pressed juices all made with on-property or locally grown produce.

Rancho Tecate




Travel to Thailand to combine tropical paradise with the opportunity to get your body strong! Chiva-Som, located on the Gulf of Thailand, 115 miles south of Bangkok offers a variety of options for guests looking to get a new lease on life. Detox programs, Fitness retreats, weight management, and Movement for Life are only a couple of the options, and all included several incredibly helpful massages over the course of your stay to help your body release toxins and heal. The resort has 70 treatment rooms as well as several pools, saunas and steam rooms. You’ll be eating delicious organically-grown fruits and veggies from the lush Chiva-Som gardens while basking in the beauty of this corner of Thailand.

  • Your fitness persona: For The Fresh-Air Enthusiast
  • The Best Part: While the regular food is all incredibly healthy, you can also pick the detox cuisine to help cleanse your body. The diet is developed by the resort’s experienced naturopaths and holistic medical staff to ensure you remain healthy during the detox.

Chiva-Som International Health Resorts

Top rated
Hua Hin
8.6 Excellent (20 reviews)



The very luxurious Montage Laguna Beach is located on 30 acres of beachfront acres with all rooms overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The cuisine is heavy on local farmer’s market produce, sustainable fish all in a beautiful low-calorie and specialty grained package. Their beachside location makes it easy to get into shape — miles of running paths along the shore meet beach boot camps and early morning yoga sessions where your toes get wet. They offer a ton of classes to help get you lean and strong including SurfSET® where you learn surfing techniques out of water to strengthen your core, work on your stability and agility and develop lean muscles. It’s easy to get up and get going at this resort.

Your fitness persona: For The Water Baby Who Likes Non-gym Workouts
The Best Part: The Advanced Sliming Treatment at the Spa– added results to the hard work you’ll put it running seaside that aids with the reduction of cellulite.

Montage Laguna Beach

Top rated
Laguna Beach
9.4 Excellent (1313 reviews)