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Five Extremely Manly Adventure Trips

By , September 17th, 2014

Many guys long for the opportunity to have a “guys trip,” a weekend or more away that’s solely focused on man activities! On a manly trip, there is no waiting outside for the girls to finish shopping, no happy hour cocktails and no spa days. This is a trip geared around adventure, with manly activities that guys love. Gather your best group of guys and start trivago magazineg some of these manly trips off your list:


Hunting Trip in Alaska

Bro hunting trip to Alaska
Photo by Jennifer 

Can you imagine a manlier trip than a hunting expedition to Alaska? This state has some of the most gorgeous and breathtaking hunting grounds in the country. You can get all the hunting equipment you need once you get there, so it can be a good idea to get in touch with a guide outfitter to get you all set. You can even go on hunting trips that are unguided, so you are transported where you’ll find the best game, but the rest is up to you. There are many types of game you can hunt in Alaska: black bear, goat, deer, salmon and halibut are among the most popular game hunted here. You’ll bond with your buddies and maybe even take home a trophy to commemorate your unforgettable trip.


Bungee Jump Over the Grand Canyon

Man trip to the Grand Canyon
Photo by Olibac

Looking for an adrenaline rush on your manly trip? Gather your guts and prepare to go for a bungee jump straight over the Grand Canyon. This is a trip that you will never, ever forget and something to cross off your lifelong bucket list. Bungee jumping is a great way to add an element of exhilaration and thrill to your trip, as you visit one of the most iconic natural spots in the U.S. Taking a bungee expedition is totally safe and will be an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life.


Take a Stuntcation in Vegas


Vegas stunt school
Photo by Perry Quan

Have you ever wanted to be a part of some of those crazy stunts you see in the action movies? If your trip takes you to Vegas, you can sign up for a Stuntcation where you can do just that. Your tour, guided by the stunt man who created the first ever bungee jump on fire, will lead you through five days of stunt falling, driving and high flying as you learn how they perform these wild stunts from behind the scenes. Check out the Stunt Experience Vacation from Thrillseekers Unlimited in Vegas. And don’t worry – all the stunts are perfectly safe!


Drive a Tank in Minnesota

Tank adventure in Minnesota
Photo by Jordanmit09 

Lots of men have an unfulfilled childhood dream of driving a massive tank  so why not live this out on your manly trip? Head to Kasota, Minnesota where the Drive-A-Tank team can hook you up with the chance to get behind the wheel and crush some vehicles. This adventure tour will teach you how to drive a massive British army tank, and then set you loose through an obstacle course where you’ll get to obliterate anything and everything in your path. Feel your inner child come out as you fulfill this adventurous craving!


Take a Helicopter Safari Around Mt. Everest

If your manly trip takes you all the way to Nepal, you definitely have to experience Mt. Everest, the largest mountain in the world. But don’t just see it in any normal way; hire a helicopter tour to give you the ultimate experience. Exploring the gorgeous mountain and landscape by helicopter will give you great new perspectives from the air. And, you can enjoy some great hiking adventures from the ground here as well.

What are some other ‘manly’ adventures you’d add to this list?