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Grab A Cup Of Coffee Shop Culture in Tampa

By , October 6th, 2015

One may envision Seattle or New York City when asked where the best coffee shops reside. Tampa Bay may not be a stand-out in the coffee scene on a national level, but that doesn’t mean you should turn your cheek. It’s time to spill the beans — coffee beans, that is.

While Tampas food scene is on the rise, its coffee culture ain’t doin’ so bad either. Yes, you can find a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts on every corner, but Tampa possesses more than just your ordinary coffee and bakery franchises. After touring the city and sampling what Tampa coffee does have to offer, I hand-picked a select few where you can grab a cup of coffee shop culture in Tampa— and these spots are definitely worth the caffeine shakes.

Buddy Brew Coffee


Abundant coffee selection at Buddy Brew. Photo by Author

Buddy Brew is sure to impress even the most sophisticated coffee connoisseur. They get their beans from top farmers across the world and ensure that they provide the freshest beans, packed with flavor, so that each batch meets their standards of excellence. The cafe’s rustic interior makes for a unique coffee-drinking experience.


Relax in the cozy atmosphere at Buddy Brew. Photo by Author

The staff is always friendly and visibly passionate about what they do. In addition to whatever type of coffee or brewing method you’re craving, they also offer breakfast options and a small selection of fresh juices.


YUM. Photo by Author

Felicitous Coffee


Crisp iced coffee at Felicitous will quench your morning thirst and give you a caffeine kick. Photo by Author

In the heart of Temple Terrace, Felicitous Coffee is a gem that encompasses community coffee culture. This quaint cabin-like shop is on a little road near the University of South Florida where it can be easy to miss, but once you find it you’ll keep coming back. A quiet cafe with bold flavor, it’s perfect for studying, working, or just relaxing with a coffee and a book. Their signature coffee ice cubes make for a delectable iced coffee that lasts until the stress is gone.


Quaint digs at Felicitous. Photo by Author

If you’re hungry for more, their sandwiches options are out of this world. There’s nothing like a hot panino with melted cheese and a coffee while you write a research paper.


The ultimate selection at Felicitous. Photo by Author

Zeal Coffee Roasters

The newer of the bunch, Zeal Coffee, is a little ways away from your usual, swanky South Tampa scene. Bringing some flare to a relatively rural area, Zeal is a force to be reckoned with. Their coffee crew is passionate about growing Tampa’s coffee culture and are certainly achieving their goal. Their coffee is of the highest quality and their differing brewing methods cater to all of your preferences.


Home-brewed coffee and teas at Zeal. Photo by Author

Their coffee is handpicked, blended and brewed and their selection of bagels, pastries and muffins are all homemade as well. Similar to the rusticity displayed at Buddy Brew, their wood floors and tables serve as an eye-pleasing contrast to the modern, white counter tops at their coffee bar.

Felicitous Coffee

Delicious treat at Felicitous. Photo by the author.

Can’t make it to these three choice coffee shops? Here are a few other Tampa options to quench your coffee craving:

Victory Coffee

Indigo Trading Co.


Kahwa Coffee

365 Cafe Italiano


Beautiful brew at Zeal. Photo by Author

Featured image courtesy of Nathan Dumlao, Unsplash

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About the author: Christina Valenziano is a twenty-something foodie and fitness fanatic on a mission to live a healthy balanced life. She believes that living healthfully doesn’t mean sacrificing the little joys in life – follow her fitness journey on her blog, The Blissful Balance!

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