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Grab A Taste Of Cuba In Miami

By , January 2nd, 2015

There is no doubt that the first time one visits Miami it feels more like an international destination than a popular US city. The gentle lapping of crystal clear waters on hot white sand beaches, streets lined with palm trees and the lilting cadences of a variety of different languages results in a big city that’s quite unlike any other in America. Miami’s Latin flavor is also evident in the city’s food scene, most notably in the Cuban cuisine served up in the city.

Miami’s Little Havana

Miami Little Havana

A warm welcome from Little Havana. Photo by Wally Gobetz CC BY

Miami’s Cuban food is a relief if you are in the city and want to save a few pennies, but still want a good meal that is delicious and hearty. Sure, Miami residents are body-conscious, but if you want to fill yourself up, you need to hunt down a Cuban restaurant. The informal and homey atmosphere of most Cuban restaurants in the city is a welcome relief from more glamorous eateries in Miami and the food offered is as authentic as it gets – recipes straight from the streets of Havana.

Simple and flavorful cuisine

Restaurants in Little Havana Miami

Succulent plate of plantains, beans and rice. Photo by Sharon Morrow CC BY

So, what should you order? Spicy fried pork, succulent chicken served with red peppers and tomatoes, beef stew, black beans, rice and plantains tend to be the order of the day. If you’re unsure about what to get, just look around at what your fellow diners are eating, or simply ask your server. The food may be simple and rustic, but it’s not short on flavor, and a plate of meat with your carbs of choice will set you through until the next mealtime without any hunger pangs – and all at a bargain price.

Where the pork chops rule the day

ham and fried sandwich

The classic Cuban sandwich. Photo by Chris Goldberg CC BY

My favorite Cuban restaurant in Miami has to be the Tropical Beach Cafe, An unpretentious little diner located on Collins Avenue, offers delicious food served in generous portions. Another great choice is Latin Cafe on West 41st Street, where the pork chop rules the day. Of course, if you want to make your own discovery, then head to Little Havana and just follow your nose wherever it takes you for a taste of Cuba in Miami.

Dreaming of plantains

Miami Cuban Food PLantains

You’ll be dreaming of plantains for months. Photo by abbyladybug CC BY

Miami’s Cuban district is brimming with Cuban eateries that will have you consuming more gooey fried plantains than any human should ever do within a lifetime. Have you tried Cuban food? What’s your favorite dish?

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