Happy Birthday: The Aquarius Travel Horoscope

By , February 9th, 2015

Astrology is less about pre-destination and rather more about seizing opportunities that come your way— something that comes easily to fun-loving Aquarius . Looks like this year will be the year of opportunity to TRAVEL! Check out your Aquarius travel horoscope for inspiration on where you should go this year.

Travel horoscope

Get the map and camera ready for this year. Photo by Ahmed Hashim CC BY

As an Aquarius you are fiercely creative and independent and that should be reflected in your travel plans. Funky, quirky destinations like the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia and up-and-coming cities like Detroit suit your hip soul. Spontaneity is your middle name and it suits you just fine to go with the flow, making last minute changes and booking flights and hotels just moments before takeoff and arrival.

Aquarius is not a sign that should leave all the technology at home even if you are visiting the middle of nowhere–in fact, travel with your smartphone to stay connected both to the beat of the city you are visiting as well as friends and family back home. You’ll feel much happier with an easy connection to friends and family at your fingertips!

Aquarius Travel Horoscope

Aquarius Travel horoscope

Head to Chicago for a voluntourism adventure. Photo by vonderauvisuals CC BY

This year consider doing a voluntourism trip where you can meld your desire to experience new things while contributing to causes important to your kind heart. By no means do you have to go abroad to volunteer– consider making a difference in a local community by walking dogs at an animal shelter or helping fund-raise for inner city schools. Consider traveling to Chicago where you’ll find an edgy, gritty mix of cool neighborhoods as well as a community rallying to make a difference in less affluent areas. Stay at the colorful and modern Aloft Chicago City Center for a hotel that appeals to your quirky taste.

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Travel horoscope

Grab a friend and fly away. Photo by Anyapha Attasiri CC BY

Friendships are important to you and you’re one of the rare astrological signs that never lets their romantic relationships affect their platonic relationships. You also love a good party and know how to boogie down so include time to get out and let your hair down on your trips. Head to the Plateau neighborhood of Montreal for their eclectic bars, cool shops and people-watching eye candy. Book a night at Le Petit Hotel in Vieux-Montreal for a mix of modern furnishing and bare 19th century brick walls. 

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Travel horoscopes

The city of lights and socializing. Photo via Visualhunt

As someone who lets go of the past easily and strides boldly into the future, every year should be full of rich and rewarding travelling experiences. Looking for a trip abroad? Whether you leap across the pond to Paris to see the museums and eat all the steak frites, or dancing at a full-moon party in Thailand, you’ll make the most of any experience.

Aquarius travel destinations

Take off for new adventures Aquarius! Photo via Visual hunt

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