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Happy Birthday: The Aries Travel Horoscope

By , March 31st, 2015

The past couple of years may have seen Aries battling through some difficult times but it seems that in the upcoming year, your luck should finally be turning around. This year will be rife with travel and mentoring from people you respect and admire, boosting your creativity and vastly improving your career. You may have been waiting impatiently for your cosmic luck to improve but this will be a year of opportunities and it’s up to you to pursue them! To get you on the right track, here is some inspiration from your Aries travel horoscope. 

Aries travel horoscope 2015

Where will you travel to this year? Photo by Ellen Munro CC BY

Aries, your courage and energy is envied. Ruled by Mars, the warrior planet, you’re always looking for the next thrill and challenge. Your travel persona should be reflective of this — make sure your trips are jam packed with activities that will keep you moving and your heart rate up. A long trip to Australia would be perfect for you this upcoming year. Australia is home to many extremes: extreme sports, extreme temperatures (Aries thrive in hot environments) and some pretty extreme scenery. Head to the world’s largest sand island- Fraser Island home of rain forests, swimming with dolphins, cliffs and shipwrecks. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything too familiar here- just the way Aries loves to vacation.

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Aries Travel Horoscope

Sierra Nevada Volcano Chile

The incredible Chilean landscape. Photo by lautaroj CC BY

Aries has a love of discovery which goes hand in hand with their brave hearts. Head to the Conguillío National Park in Chile to grab a taste of the prehistoric world of Jurassic Park. You can hike to various lookout points to glimpse the epic Sierra Nevada volcano, a tough six hour walk that an Aries would happily take on. Much of your oversees travel could be linked to education or work. You will certainly learn and mature on your travels this year. Look for ways to educate yourself while abroad–a cooking class is a simple way to acquire useful and delicious knowledge.

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Aries travel horoscope

Cool your head on a long drive. Photo by Will Keightley CC BY

Aries love their freedom. You can be a bit self-involved and a wee bit temperamental so when the world is pissing you off, try taking a solo road trip down to Las Vegas. You’ll find plenty of time to reflect while driving down whatever road you want, blasting your favorite tunes and once you’ve arrived, you can hit the casinos for your shot at gold. Book a stay at the lavish Caesar’s Palace and pretend to live out your wildest Hangover fantasies. It doesn’t matter to you if you’re alone — with your charisma, you can easily meet strangers in any locale. 

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Aries Travel Horoscope 2015

Sunflowers in Asheville. Photo by Justin Askew Photography CC BY

Asheville NC is a city of music and outdoor adventure- sounds perfect for an Aries. You enjoy merry-making and pleasure as well as fresh air and the tired feeling that comes from a day spent outside. Whether you rent a cabin in the woods in the Great Smokey Mountains or decide to stay at a hotel in the center of town, Asheville should be on your travel calendar this year.

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Aries Travel Horoscope 2015

Chugach State Park. Photo by Ian Collins CC BY

Another exotic American destination tailor-made for Aries is Alaska. Head to Anchorage for the summer solstice and take advantage of the 22 hours of sunshine gracing the city and its majestic surrounding. From the city center, Chugach State Park, one of the largest state parks in America is only a 20 minute drive away. Hike the Hillside Trail System and see everything from the ocean, to huge lakes, glaciers and ice fields. Rent mountain bikes or ATV’s and take on nature with your classic Aries inherently forthright nature.

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Aries travel horoscope 2015 St Augustine

A quiet evening stroll. Photo by Antoine Gady CC BY

Looking for a romantic escape? As a sign that craves lots of one-on-one attention from your lover, taking a trip together is the perfect way to express your passions and enjoy each other’s company. Take your lover to St.Augustine, Florida. You’ll love the mix of history (St. Augustine is the oldest continuously occupied settlement in the USA) as well as the sunshine, the sunsets and the incredible restaurants.

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