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Happy Birthday: The Cancer Travel Horoscope

By , July 1st, 2015

While Cancer has always enjoyed the security of the comforting fold of your friend circle and family, it has limited you and this year you’ll want to break free from those limits. Remember that no matter how powerful changes may be, know that you’ll emerge shed of old problems that have worried you for a long time. This year be kind to yourself —#treatyoself! Fly away on vacations and make time to do things you enjoy.  You may be a homebody but this is the year Cancers should abandon their shell in search of shinier ones in new cities! Get ready for a year of discovery — here’s your Cancer travel horoscope!

Cancer travel horoscope

Pack a camera and get ready to explore the world with your Cancer travel horoscope. Photo by Takeshi GS CC BY

Cancer, you are the greatest feeler in the Zodiac and are exceptionally devoted to your loved ones. You are a creature of comfort and a homebody, often finding it stressful to endure change. Above all, you value your privacy and can be quite shy. Sweet and caring, Cancers make devoted and nurturing parents and loving partners who would be willing to share their last crumb. You are also highly intuitive and have a surprising spontaneous streak which makes you a great traveler. A little bit mischievous, you love to have fun and will surprise even your closest friends with your impulsiveness. You’ll be the first one in the pool with your clothes off!

Cancer Travel Horoscope

Cancer travel horoscope

A surfer walks through Tel Aviv. Photo by Flavio CC BY

As a familial soul, you might not be apt to take a selfish vacation to relax, but you’re always willing to invest your travel plans in the happiness of others. Make sure you make the most of any travel opportunities with weekend trips or by indulging in that dream hotel. Cancers can also be highly spiritual beings, fascinated by diverse religions and deeply faceted histories. Perhaps a trip to Israel, and most notably Tel-Aviv would be the perfect blend of spiritual as well as sea and sun that you need to help you relax.

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Nha Trang beach is perfect for Cancer

Down by the bay of Nha Trang, Vietnam. Photo by Khánh Hmoong CC BY

Cancer loves it best by the water but don’t miss out on a touch of the exotic being the homebody that you are. Fly across the world and spread your crab pincers as wide as they go. Jet off to Vietnam to the area around Nha Trang and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Let old habits die hard and prepare to be shocked by our ability to separate your past self from who and what lies ahead of you. Embrace both the good and bad this year and let yourself fly by the seat of your pants in a quest to truly experience yourself this year.

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St Simons Island for the Cancer travel horoscope

The quiet breeze of St.Simons, GA. Photo by Evangelio Gonzalez CC BY

Not looking to go so far from home? We can’t blame you Cancer. There are plenty of incredible destinations to visit in your homeland. Visit  St. Simons Island in the beautiful state of Georgia, a sleepy seaside town  full of adorable inns and B&B’s which are much more your style than a commercial hotel. Those little homey details allow you to feel relaxed and unwind by making you feel more like you’re at home than at a hotel. The quiet marshes, woodlands and breezy beaches make St. Simons a perfect family or couple destination–just what Cancer loves. You should always travel with a touch of home with you for comfort — whether it be a favorite blanket or pillow, you tend to turn to comforting objects such as these during moments of stress.

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Cancer travel horoscope

Relax beachside in La Jolla. Photo by MA1216 CC BY

While you usually prefer to spend money on those important to you rather than yourself, indulge in a little hotel therapy in La Jolla, California,  care of the landmark La Valencia Hotel. With huge picture windows overlooking the Pacific Ocean, you’ll never be far from your most beloved landscape. In classic Cancer style, you could stay holed up on property for an entire weekend, staying cozy among the sheets. Should you choose the unexpected and want to see the sights and sounds of a big city, head 20 minutes down the road to San Diego. As a lover of the arts, you’ll revel in SD’s many cultural attractions including the San Diego Museum of Art, the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Symphony.

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Cancer travel horoscope

The stunning scenery of St. Lucia will inspire you into healthy habits! Photo by Jon Fife CC BY

Kick your feet into the silken, hot sand and relax with some good SPF in St.Lucia. But don’t neglect your health this year, even while on holiday! Because of Uranus’ influence in your sign this year, you should make extra efforts to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Find ways to incorporate healthy living and good habits while traveling — perhaps a trip to a luxurious bootcamp, like the Body Holiday in St. Lucia, could be the thing to kick a health streak into action! Swimming, whether in the pool or the ocean, is a great way to stay fit with minimal impact and for Cancer it’s a chance to relinquish quiet moments in your own head.

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