Happy Birthday: The Leo Travel Horoscope

By , July 30th, 2015

Happy Birthday Leo! You are often the receiver of gifts and good luck–call it luck! While you can get a bit involved in yourself from time to time, now is not the time to skimp on making travel a priority. Gather a group of people you love and lead the way to the best vacation you’ve ever had.  Have you been happy Leo? The past couple of years may have seen you a bit stressed out, but the next few months you’ll be blessed with an abundance of creative energy-most likely channeled from inspiring sources like traveling!

Leo travel personality

Make travelling a priority this year! Photo by Carola Ferrero CC BY

Confident and ambitious, Leo’s have no qualms about pursuing whatever interests them the most in life. Leo’s love all things beautiful and enjoy lavishing those coveted objects and journeys on themselves and those they love–there is nothing quite like the friendship of a Loyal Leo. This spontaneous sign despises falling into the rut of a regular routine, preferring to create drama out of the mundane. Leo’s adore being at the helm of command and a friendship with a Leo guarantees you will be dragged around on many exciting vacations. Leo’s dislike spending too much time alone, preferring rather to gather a fun group, especially when traveling.

Leo Travel Horoscope

Positano is the jewel of Italy’s Amalfi coast. You can be quite gregarious, preferring a bustling town to what you often find to be the uncomfortable quiet of the country. Fortunately for you, Positano brims with visitors ensuring that the town can offer the best to visitors. Leo’s will love Positano for its abundance of beautiful people (including celebs like Penelope Cruz and George Clooney), incredible yachts and its coveted allure–Leo’s love a good brag!  Regardless of whether you are looking for some topless tanning opportunities, Michelin star restaurants or beautiful historic hotels, Positano has it all in a small but luxuriously packaged box.

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Leo travel destinations

The eastern opulence of Turkey will delight Leos. Photo by Giuseppe Milo CC BY

Leo’s have very high standards- probably the highest out of all the signs! You’d rather take the time to carefully plan a unique trip than settle for a weekend city break. Leo’s spirit color is gold, so why not visit the most golden city in the world? Head to Istanbul and prepare to be dazzled by the sights, smells and sounds. Stay at the Corinne Hotel, full of old world charm and splendour that every Leo loves.This boutique hotel will surely make you feel special and Leo’s will love the luxurious linens and tasteful decor. Pamper yourself with an afternoon at a Turkish Hamam, getting scrubbed down and massaged to your hearts content. You love the attention so relinquish it once it’s bestowed upon you.

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leo vacation destinations

Reconnect in the luxury of Jackson Hole Wyoming. Photo by PROLarry Johnson CC BY

Speaking of pampering, where else could we send Leo but to the quiet and ultra-luxurious resorts of Jackson Hole, Wyoming? Sandwiched between two awe-inspiring national parks, this area is rampant with celebrity sightings, stunning scenery, a touch of the old west and modern conviviality. This could very well be the perfect place for a Leo to unwind; while you love being the center of flattery and attention, a trip alone could help you balance and rid yourself of inner demons– all while enjoying the luxurious accommodation that you are known to prefer. Hike the Grand Teton or Yellowstone parks, go fishing and celebrate yourself over a five-star meal or in a celebrity filled yoga class. After all, Leo does it all a bit differently.

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Travel inspiration by astrology

Good weather coupled with beautiful architecture in Santa Fe. Photo by R.H. Baumgartner CC BY

Leo loves the heat–a dry heat, lacking in humidity and a wind that fluffs up your mane. Head to Santa Fe, New Mexico this year for the ultimate relaxation vacation. You’ll love the blend of American history and the artsy vibe of the city. Leos simply must stay at the Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi. White sandstone walls, early Native American artworks and handwoven carpets are the classical elements of the pueblo dwellings of the Anasazi Indians of New Mexico and are coupled with flawless modern amenities; this hotel is the finest in Santa Fe for visiting Leos. This homage to everything that is beautiful will afford you the opportunity to relax and indulge in the local cuisine and maybe even bring home some local art to remind your of your vacation.

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Maine luxury travel destinations

Maine might not be hot and dry, but will charm you nonetheless. Photo by Javcon117* CC BY

Leos love to drip in a little bit of luxury. Get the five-star experience close to home with first rate dining experiences and a dash of unpretentious schmoozing with the summer crowd in Bar Harbor, Maine. After all, even Leo will have a hard time looking elegant whilst eating lobster. Leo’s will relish the opportunity to buy a couple of East Coast appropriate outfits, complete with dock shoes for sailing since you like to look your best as well as be prepared for any type excursion. Leo’s are best at the helm of the ship- you like to be in control and guide the experience for your friends and family.

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