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Happy Birthday: The Libra Travel Horoscope

By , October 1st, 2015

Happy Birthday Libra! Take a break from the hustler attitude you’re usually sporting to sit down and relax. It’s rare that your sign, one of the most sociable will even go so far as to crave alone time; unplugged and without an itinerary but it could happen– and how better than a long-winded vacation? In fact, we could not recommend traveling more as it will figure into your upcoming dreams and schemes, working its inspirational magic and making a profound visual impact on your life. Visit somewhere beautiful! See where we would love to send you below in the Libra travel horoscope.

Libra travel horoscope

Traveling makes you happy. Photo by Nick Harris CC BY

Libra, you are the sweetest: a notorious peacemaker, your friends value your diplomacy and your social nature. You are charming and easygoing, and make friends easily all over the world. In fact, when you travel, it’s usually to visit those friends! You naturally prefer big cities with bustling atmosphere, good shopping and chic places to eat. Ruled by Venus, you are a notorious lover of luxury and beauty. For you traveling is best done with a couple of close friends who value your ability to magic up the coolest places to hang out. You can get a bit stressed out trying to please everyone — you are not a decision maker, but someone who can weigh the pros and the cons and wait for others to make the call. Some might call you lazy, but let’s leave at that you know just how to enjoy yourself. Prop your feet up at that beautiful resort or sit back on the velvet couch of your five-star hotel and let you do you!

Libra Travel Horoscope

Travel horoscope

Shanghai has all the action and luxury Libra covets. Photo by hans-johnson CC BY

The Libra list of vaycay desires is long: a bustling nightlife, excellent food that is beautifully presented in lovely settings, stunning scenery, lively luxury shopping and plenty of cultural activities. Few places can cater to Libras the way Shanghai can, being THE destination for fashionable visitors to China. It’s no wonder that its Art Deco and historic shikumen buildings and its beautiful gardens have earned it the nickname ‘Paris of the Orient’. You’ll want to make time to shop on the Nanjing Lu, the busiest shopping street in China. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, head to a fabric market and have something made up for you by a tailor. Shanghai has a surplus of incredible hotels but the rooftop bar at the Waterhouse at South Bund and the polished decor are sure to win Libra’s heart. 

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Fashion capitals

Antwerp will appeal to Fashionable Libra on many levels. Photo by tom hartley CC BY

Antwerp may not be on everyone’s radar when they visit Europe, but it should be on Libra’s. The city is home to a flourishing and innovative fashion and foodie scene, dominated by some big historical names: once home to Peter Paul Rubens, these days it has trained budding conceptual fashion designers like Dries Van Noten and Martin Margiela. Libras will love how busy the city is with cafes-cum-art galleries and churches turned clubs staying lively year-round. Try to book a coveted table at The Jane restaurant but definitely book ahead into one of the city’s many boutique hotels. We think you would love the De Witte Lelie, a converted set of three 16th century townhouses with impeccable style that is both modern and classic. The beds ooze the white sheet luxury that Libra relishes on late Saturday mornings when you stay in bed till early afternoon.

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Where should Libras travel to

Libra’s will appreciate the sheer beauty surrounding Jackson, WY. Photo by alh1 CC BY

Libra may love high-end toiletries and a feather duvet, but as seekers of inspiration you can find divine beauty in the natural as well. Jackson, WY, might be small but it packs in the punch with dramatic scenery and a plethora of sociable activities to keep you and your group (Libra should never travel alone after all!) entertained. You’ll be at the doorway to the adventures of both Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park as well as several premier ski resorts. Don’t think you’ll be roughing it in terms of cuisine and accommodation however — Jackson has plenty of both. Have dinner at the Gun Barrel Steak & Game House for a taste of both some impressive taxidermy decor as well as a variety of delicious meat, slow-cooked over a mesquite grill. Stay at Amangani Resort for an experience that is decidedly otherworldly.

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Libra travel horoscope

Hauntingly beautiful Madison, WI. Photo by Richard Hurd CC BY

Libra loves any opportunity to gab and in a city like Madison, WI, it’s easy: with more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the US, there’s also an abundance of brewpubs and cafes where you can make new friends and turn on the famous Libra charm. There’s a thriving independent music scene and its large student population contributes to the fun-having atmosphere. With your eye for art, you should make a point of stopping by the Chazen Museum of Art which boasts an impressive collection of Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquities. 

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Libra travel horoscope

Washington DC is one of the prettiest cities in the US. Photo by Daniel Littlewood CC BY

Washington DC has got it all: brains, beauty and brawn; showcasing the best of what makes the USA loveable. Whether you visit when the cherry blossoms are blooming or not, Washington DC is picturesque year round. We know you’ll love the U Street Heart and Soul Food Tour by DC Metro Food Tours where you’ll get a double-whammy of African-American music history from the area plus a sampling of the best Cajun, Creole, and Soul food. The Washington DC food scene has been blowing up in recent years and has become a foodie paradise. With so many travelers coming though the city, there’s no lack of incredible hotels but we think you would love the Embassy Row Hotel. It’s a delicious blend of the luxury you would expected plus details like a locally-curated 24 hour Chef’s Pantry for guests and awesome views from the rooftop pool and bar. 

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