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Happy Birthday: The Pisces Travel Horoscope

By , March 3rd, 2015

For a Pisces, anytime at all spent rife with stress from your career and your family life should be dealt with by a journey! While you usually strive to relieve the suffering of others, your compassion this year should be veered towards yourself. Treat Yo Self! In good news, be prepared to fall in love — both with yourself and a potential soul mate. You’ll find yourself falling in love both at home and abroad and getting to know yourself on a deeper level. To get you started, here is some inspiration via your Pisces travel horoscope for travel in the upcoming year.

Pisces travel horoscope

The winding Pacific Coast highway. Photo by Barney Moss CC BY

Pisces, you are the dreamer of the Zodiac. While you’re head might be in the clouds more often than not, what better what to focus on making travel plans than in your dreams? Ruled by Neptune you should seek out tranquil or watery locales — better yet if you can combine the two. A roadtrip along the Pacific Coast Highway in California is the perfect way to combine quality time with a friend, lover or a solo journeying along some of the most stunning waterfront roads in the world. Your ruler Neptune loves spontaneity and open-ended types of vacations, so only plan to stop wherever you want and linger where you wish!

Pisces Travel Horoscope

Pisces travel horoscope

Take a spiritual journey to India. Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra CC BY

This year, allow yourself to be prone to that romantic escapism which can sometimes get you in trouble. Set aside ample time to reconnect with yourself, unwind and relax to the max. Book a trip to a spa if you can’t get away from your city. Or, take a spiritual retreat to Pisces-ruled Asian country like India or Japan and embrace activities like meditating and reading. Your  biggest Pisces travel horoscope take away should be taking quiet time to reflect, which is always essential to your well-being.

Pisces travel style

Follow your heart to Bora Bora. Photo by Arnie Papp CC BY

Fly to Bora Bora in French Polynesia, the ultimate Pisces destination. Stay at the ultra-luxurious Four Seasons Bora Bora where you’ll wake up to masterpiece worthy sunrises over the turquoise lagoon. Their over-water bungalows are sure to delight the water-loving Pisces.

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Pisces travel horoscope

Magic just might happen at a music festival this summer. Photo by Maxime Raphael CC BY

This could be the year you finally shake off all the negative relationships that you often willingly allow to affect your life. You are so moved and inspired by music, poetry and dance, perhaps a trek to a big music and arts festival would help heal your sensitive soul from the onslaught of stress from lost connections.You’ll also regain your artistic and creative energy by surrounding yourself with new energy, meeting new people and introducing yourself to a new locale.

Hawaiian retreat

Retreat to Hawaii. Photo by John Morgan CC BY

The landscape and colors of Hawaii, full of blue-violets, light turquoise and sea greens, lavenders and pure whites, are made for Pisces. These are your power colors, and ones that will allow to you recharge and regenerate that sweet Pisces soul. The town of Volcano ideal place to indulge yourself in a head to toe relaxation mode whether at the top of a volcano or with your toes skimming the warm Pacific water.

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Pisces travel style

Find a slice of silence in Nantucket. Photo by the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism CC BY

This summer, don’t skip over the possibility of spending some time in the paradise that is Nantucket? This 19th century New England seaport village sees an influx of visitors each summer and is home to many artists and performers. Pisces will enjoy the quaint appeal, crisp Atlantic air, sunny beaches and historic architecture of the town. Pick an inn set near the ocean and spend your days ambling along the boardwalks.

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