Happy Birthday: The Sagittarius Travel Horoscope

By , December 1st, 2015

Sagittarius is both the most lovable and reckless sign of the horoscope; your natural curiosity and gypsy wanderer spirit make you an avid traveler. You’re always jonesin’ for your next adventure whether at home or abroad, no trip is too small to get you excited about seeing something new. Read on for your Sagittarius travel horoscope to get inspired for where to travel when the spirit takes hold!

Sagittarius Travel horoscope

On your way to adventure. Photo by Folkert Gorter CC BY

For Sagittarius, the farther you travel, the better; the more exotic the destination, the happier you are. As one of the greatest explorers of all the signs, you want to jam pack as much seeing and doing into your vacations as possible. You despise being stuck following an itinerary, preferring the spontaneity of adventure and stomping down paths previously unknown — if you could book a flight tonight to space, you would! You like to stay busy day and night, so you need destinations which offer a good balance of both. Your enthusiasm for travel surpasses that of any other side- you’re really a pleasure to travel with for your friends, bringing enthusiasm to every aspect of your trip — even at the airport. 

The Sagittarius Travel Horoscope

Iguacu Falls

The meeting point of three countries, under a lush landscape and huge waterfalls. Photo by Nicolas Vollmer CC BY

For a sign that favors big skies, warm weather and adventure, Brazil is perfectly suited to a Sagittarius. Head to its border with Uruguay and Argentina to the Iguaçu Falls to witness an epic meeting of lush greenery, wildlife and waterfalls so impressive, even chatty Sag will be left speechless.  Nearby cities include Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil, Puerto Iguazú in Argentina and Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, meaning you’ll have plenty to explore other than the magnificent Parque Nacional do Iguaçu. You’ll be able to get a taste of three different cultures and practice two different languages- perfect for the intellectual Sagittarius who oftentimes remains an eternal student.

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Sagittarius travel horoscope

A rich history & stunning views welcome visitors to Tibet. Photo by Dennis Jarvis CC BY

Land in a new world as far away from the one you know — sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Mysterious Tibet remains relatively free of outside tourism, in comparison to other international destinations. The rich Tibetan culture, despite being diluted by their Chinese neighbor and some tedious paperwork being necessary to enter the country, will delight those looking for something a bit different. Nomadic tribes, ancient monasteries and beautiful temples welcome visitors willing to put in some effort to see them — a challenge will only spur on a Sagittarius and you’ll be rewarded with a unique experience you’ll treasure. The spectacular Rongbuk Monastery, with its view of Mount Everest, will perhaps even provoke you into mountain climbing action!

Zion Canyon National Park

A landscape like no other in the world at Zion Canyon. Photo by Christopher Michel CC BY

Looking for something otherworldly in your own country? While the masses head to the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park provides an equally humbling landscape. Unique red cliff formations, wildlife and an abundance of adventurous activities like canyoneering, climbing, white water rafting and horseback riding will keep even the most fidgety Sag occupied. Keep your wits about you however- Sagittarius’ can be prone to bouts of recklessness and its easy to get carried away in Zion Canyon. Forgo camping under the (freezing cold) stars and stay at the Cliffrose Lodge. Just steps away from the entrance, your muscles will thank you once you’ve laid down for the night under a soft warm duvet following the high-level of activity that an adventure like the Zion Canyon requires from visitors.

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travel horoscope

Relax following a day outdoors in the hot springs. Photo by minka6 CC BY

Colorado is a playground for adventure-loving Sagittarius. Take a trip to the Yampa Valley, hit the slopes during the day, go snowshoeing or just relax at one of several hot springs which dot the area that fire sign Sagittarius will love. While summer offers mountain biking, fishing and alpine hiking, winter is a magical time to visit; steam engulfs the outside pools in an aura of mystery and snow making the idea of bathing outside (perhaps even in your birthday suit, as long as you adhere to the after-dark policy) all that more dangerous and alluring.

Just because you love the great outdoors, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t love a city break here and there: head to San Diego to enjoy the best of both worlds. Fabulous beaches dot the coastline while foodie temptation runs wild with a huge range of options, including authentic Mexican fare, thanks to its proximity to Tijuana, and an amazing craft beer scene. You’ll stay busy all day with sightseeing and museum hopping — don’t miss the San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park. In fact, you could dedicate a whole day to seeing all the park has to offer! At night, slink off to sleep at The Sofia hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter. This historic-cum-boutique hotel has a 24 hour yoga studio and is located walking distance to all that makes San Diego a lively place to visit.

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