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Happy Birthday: The Scorpio Travel Horoscope

By , November 4th, 2015

Scorpios’s intensity reaches every aspect of their lives- work hard, play hard, vacation harder. While you’ve been busy construction your empire, sticking to routines and perhaps even struggling with the stamina to keep going, your vacation days have been pilling up. Time to check out mentally and physically– dream big and far away! You’ve been working hard and deserve to take that ideal vacation you’ve had in mind. Bring on the secluded boudoir, the chocolate and the champagne — Scorpio is going on holiday!

Scorpio travel horoscope

Scorpio is a water sign, so a holiday by water is necessary. Photo by Death To Stock Photo.

Scorpios are the most magnetic sign in the Zodiac, ruled by both Pluto and Mars. You have an abundance of inward energy making you intense, competitive and private. Keeping your independence is extremely important to you and your ideal way to relax is blending in and dropping out rather than socializing. You can find it difficult to trust people and have a highly secretive nature. You love a good investigation — trust Scorpio to know all the best spots to visit –that is, if you ever bless someone with the opportunity to travel with you! You’re also incredibly resourceful and a solid friend, making you a popular choice for a travel partner, whether you like it or not.  You’re a sensitive water sign, and you prefer to holiday by the water either alone or with your partner or close family and friends. 

Scorpio Travel Horoscope

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Waves pounding on Essaouira, Morocco. Photo by Tanel Teemusk CC BY

Much like a Scorpio, Essaouira is protected by 18th century fortified walls but its charm, much like yours, is unmistakable even from miles away. It’s winding streets are lined with local fishermen, artists and kite surfers who come to this notoriously windy city to enjoy some of the best surfing in Africa. This is also the perfect place to amble around, explore and get lost, or as much as a Scorpio can since you normally have an excellent sense of direction.  Grab dinner and an introduction to Moroccan spices and fresh seafood at the Riad Albaraka restaurant under the shade of a giant fig tree. Experience the city’s rich history as the crossroads of African, Arab and European civilizations with a stay at the luxurious Palais L’Heure Bleue, a traditional Moroccan riad decorated with worldly influences that will appeal to Scorpio’s fine eye for detail. 

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Scorpio travel destinations

The big city meets two oceans and some formidable mountains. Photo by Michael Jansen CC BY

With Scorpio’s penchant extremes, a visit to Cape Town could be the thrill you’re looking for. The city is another historical melting pot of cultures backed against the stunning backdrop of South Africa’s natural beauty and abundant wildlife. Get your adrenaline pumping with a cage dive, swimming and feeding Great White Sharks, surf the magnificent waves of the Atlantic or Indian oceans or, if you prefer to stay on land, visit the Table Mountain National Park for a hike with an exhilarating view. South Africa has enough going on to keep even the most energetic Scorpio occupied, but don’t forget to unwind. The Molo Lolo Lodge Hotel has preserved its Cape Dutch style roots and has an incredible roof terrace where you’ll be able to slump over yet still admire the views of Signal Hill and Table Mountain.

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Baltimore looking idyllic under a blanket of fresh snow. Photo by Seth Sawyers CC BY

Baltimore has a unique sass and grit that has made it the star of many movie and television sets, including those of cult filmmaker John Waters, who draws inspiration from the same subcultures and weird neighborhoods that attract you to Baltimore Scorpio! While the city has seen its share of troubles recently, it remains resilient in times of despair, and much like you, will rise above it to offer the same allure which gave it its nickname as “Charm City.” As a  lover of the dark and sinister, topping your list of must-dos is a visit to the house of Baltimore’s famously macabre adopted son, Edgar Allen Poe, as well as his grave in Westminster Cemetery.  You’ll want to stay in a slightly less creepy locale, so stay at the modern furnished meets historic build Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor.

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Scorpio Travel Horoscope

A fresh morning on the San Juan Islands. Photo by the Bureau of Land Management Oregon and Washington CC BY

The San Juan Islands are for when you want to drop out of civilization, yet in an altogether civilized way. Spread across 172 islands and reefs off the Northwest Coast, this sleepy destination has miles of hiking and biking trails, wild flora and fauna and the possibility of anonymity- other than when you’re making dinner reservations of course! You’ll want to stay close to the seashore, which is never far away. Stay at the Rosario Resort, this is truly the place to kick back with your favorite book in front of a cozy fireplace. There’s no lack of amenities either with plenty of good restaurants and activities to keep you occupied if you so wish. 

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Scorpio travel horoscope

The wild animals and marshes of Chincoteague Island. Photo by photosofdelilah CC BY

The charming barrier island of Chincoteague is known for its wild pony population as well as its idyllic setting. In true Scorpio style, you’ll want to stay right by the water, possibly in your own private cottage so you can better avoid the small talk you dread whilst trying to relax. The area lacks commercial sprawl in favor of pristine coastline and a 14,000 acre National Wildlife Refuge made up of maritime forests, freshwater and salt marshes, so the only small talk you’ll be making will be cooing at the birds. Escape to the romantic and private Garden and Sea Inn for acres of lush and landscaped gardens, seclusion and some perfect reading nooks.

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