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Happy Birthday: The Virgo Travel Horoscope

By , August 25th, 2015

Happy Birthday Virgo! This year, you should work on staying more open to taking risks and embracing adventure — a bold window opening for a notorious planner! While you might enjoy planning every meticulous detail of the vaycay you’ve worked so long and hard for, this year embrace spontaneity a bit more and see where it leads you. Keep on reading your Virgo travel horoscope for some inspiration on where to go when spontaneity takes hold this upcoming year.

virgo travel horoscope

Welcome to the adventure of travel. Photo by Tobias Zils CC BY

Virgo constantly hungers for self-improvement and could win awards for their work ethic. You have a strong drive for productivity, and this also affects the way you take vacations. How could it be a holiday for you, were it not jam-packed with cultural activities like museums, castles, sightseeing tours, trying the top 10 restaurants, hiking a mountain…don’t you ever get tired? Your efficiency and attention to small details makes you an excellent traveler, and friends love your knack for dropping random facts about the place you’re visiting. Your excellent research and organizational skills, whether it’s finding the best hotel deal or brunch at a secret, locally-loved cafe, makes you a popular travel companion.

Virgo Travel Horoscope

Virgo travel horoscope

Annecy is clean and pristine. Photo by Daniel Jolivet CC BY

Virgo doesn’t want to relax while on vacation, but rather immerse themselves in a totally new cultural experience. You relish the opportunity to practice languages, so why not put that high school French to the test by taking a trip to Annecy? This jewel of a city often called the Venice of Savoie, located in the Southeast of France is known for its cobbled streets, sparkling turquoise canals, and a spectacular lake. The town is surrounded by mountains and it’s easy to stay busy here — plenty of hiking, biking, swimming and sailing! Prepare for your trip before you leave by picking up a handbook of French phrases and book a stay at Les Loges. The apartment style hotel is located in an old stone house and possesses a unique, truly French experience. Virgos can be finicky about cleanliness but the Les Loges won’t fail to rise to even the highest standards of perfectionism.

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Virgo travel destinations

Stockholm’s Gamla Stan will leave Virgo’s enchanted. Photo by Tony Webster CC BY

With over 70 museums, some as specific as the Spritmuseet (a thorough education on alcohol and spirits) to the Naturhistoriska riksmuseet, or Natural History museum, there’s enough to see and do to keep any Virgo occupied for weeks on end in Stockholm. The Swedish cuisine will please the discerningly health-obsessed Virgo as well, with a focus on fresh seafood, simple ingredients and light meals. Walk around the Gamla Stan (the old town) and take a selfish moment for a fika, a coffee and a pastry. Take a boat tour of Stockholm’s archipelagosv– Virgo’s love city tours since it gives them the opportunity to learn about the city’s history from a reputable source. Wind down at night at the Hellsten Hotel, a tidy and unpretentious hotel that melds historical detailing with modern convenience.

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Virgo travel horoscope

For the slightly bookish Virgo, Boston will be a welcome vacation. Photo by Steven Guzzardi CC BY

Virgos are often quite bookish, loving the escape that literature provides them. A vacation to a literary destination will make any Virgo ripple with excitement. Boston is the ultimate American Virgo destination! Follow the literary trail of historical great like Emerson, Dickens and Thoreau with a visit to the city. Its close proximity to other intellectual destinations like Cambridge, home to MIT and Harvard, as well as a slew of indie bookshops, means you’ll be swimming with options for things to do. Stay at the tasteful Boxer Hotel if you need a break from the history and literature that this great city offers.

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San Antonio vacation for Virgos

San Antonio is both lively and cultural. Photo by Katie Haugland CC BY

Love exotic and faraway destinations but don’t want to leave the USA? The lively and historical San Antonio is a dream for Virgos. The city has a deep Spanish and Mexican heritage that is evident on every corner- get out that Spanish/English dictionary!  Not only is the city a great show of historical architecture (head to the King William Historic Area for a taste of this) but a relaxing stroll along the River Walk is the perfect end to any day. Stay steps away from the River Walk at the Omni La Mansión del Rio. Set a day aside for some beauty treatments at Mokara Spa, the sister property of the Omni which is also nearby and offers a range of services to make you feel incredible.

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Virgo travel destinations

Louisville has a surprising cultural edge to its bourbon soaked street. Photo courtesy of the 21c Museum Hotel

Indulge in a little Southern hospitality in Louisville, Kentucky. While it may be a surprising choice for shy, quiet Virgo, the thriving culture of this city goes far beyond the yearly run of the roses at the Kentucky Derby. A bustling downtown boasts the largest Victorian district in the United States and Main and Market streets downtown have a massive selection of 1800’s era iron facade buildings. Looking for a hotel built for a Virgo? The 21c Museum hotel is a marriage between a stunning contemporary hotel and an art gallery housed in a 19th century building. At your doorstep you’ll find bars serving the finest local bourbons as well as an exploding foodie scene in many of the local restaurants. Visit on the first Friday of the month as there is a free gallery hop that any art-loving Virgo would adore.

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