9 Specialty Hotel Concierge Services You Didn't Know You Needed

Want a personal bow tie butler or a graffiti concierge? Travel around the country for the hotel concierge services you didn't know you needed.

Sniff, swirl, sip. “Do you see how this pour is more golden and has longer legs?”

Audrey Formisano, Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort and Spa’s in-house tequileria was schooling us on the fine art of tequila tasting. Like how authentic champagne must originate from that region of France, real tequila must be produced in the state of Jalisco where the agave plant is cultivated and designated with a registered denomination of origin.

The in-house tequila sommelier helped the resort develop their own proprietary label, CasaMagna, as a way to educate guests on the flavors and produce of the region. They offer guided tequila tastings to introduce patrons to the finer nuances of the spirit, many of whom have no knowledge of the liquor beyond the occasional post-grad hangover or basic margarita.

People joke that knowing the “B” team—bouncers and bartenders—can help you get better service on vacation, but it’s actually the “C” folks, concierges, who have the real hookup. With a name that translates to “Keeper of the Keys,” concierges actually pre-date modern hotels and at one point were the literal right-hand man of the royal court on a mission to fulfill every whim and whimsy of His Highness. Today, a concierge’s job has evolved to focus on you, offering up the inside track to a destination while serving as connoisseurs of all things trending and luxury.

With more accommodation options than ever before, hotels have been forced to get even more creative and personalized to differentiate themselves. Check out what these concierges have to offer and you may just leave with a new hobby.

Aspen, Colorado | Slope-side Ski Concierge


When The Little Nell opened in 1989, one of the more unique services they debuted was a slope-side ski concierge. Overlooking the base of Aspen Mountain through a wall of windows, the concierge corner was outfitted with benches, boot heaters, and ski racks to make the process of gearing up a little more comfortable.

Ray McNutt heads up the concierge program, which has included everything from making powder snow cones to tracking down specific pairs of skis across the Front Range. He recalls one guest who wanted to get her youngest daughter a pair of Völkl skies for Christmas. Since it was Christmas Eve, there was no way they’d be delivered in time. He arranged for one of the drivers to pick them up across the state in Vail and called in a favor to have them held at a nearby ski shop while one of his team members wrapped them and put them under the tree. The little girl was beaming from ear to ear when she told him Santa had brought her new skis. If she only knew what a monumental effort it was to get them there.

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The Little Nell

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Aurora, New York | Yoga and Wellness


Urbanites flee to upstate New York when in search of a little R&R, and the Inns of Aurora is just the sanctuary they need to infuse a little more zen into the workweek. Director of Serenity and wellness concierge Laura Coburn is certified in yoga and Ayurveda. She designs personalized vacation plans for guests looking to soothe the mind, body, and soul. Offering everything from organic tea blending to guided meditation, elixirs, essential oils, Dosha balancing breakfasts, and Tarot card readings, Laura’s been known to calm the nerves of everyone from harried brides to overworked business travelers, struggling couples, and everyone in between.

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Inns of Aurora Resort & Spa

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Burlington, Vermont | Bike and Brew Tours

Ask Matt Canning what his favorite beer is and he’ll likely reply, “The next one.” For brew enthusiasts, he just may have the best job in the world. After living in some of the best beer cities in the country from Boulder to North Lake Tahoe, he was able to spin his passion into a career, settling in Vermont to help guests stay hoppy and hydrated.

At Hotel Vermont, he leads bike and brew tours, multi-course pairing menus, and grain to glass farm visits. One of his favorite spots to take visitors is Hill Farmstead for its lack of cell service, which he says forces participants to disconnect and focus on flavors over their phones.

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Hotel Vermont Burlington

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Goleta, California | A Lobby Record Shop


Described as “beach chic” and “California cool,” the Kimpton Goodland‘s boho vibes always attract traveling musicians. And with a full calendar of live entertainment, the property has hosted quite a few performers. But whether there’s a live show or not, rocking out is an essential part of the guest experience.

VNYL, the lobby record shop, has an extensive music library you can play on the vintage record player in your guest room. If you need help finding the perfect tune to set the mood, Lea Sindija, the local record concierge is happy to curate a playlist. Whether you’re looking to channel your inner Bon Jovi or Billy Rae Cyrus, their collection spans the sixties through the nineties with a surf slash skate vibe that fits the SoCal lifestyle.

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The Leta Santa Barbara Goleta, Tapestry Collection by Hilton

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Los Angeles, California | A Surf Concierge

While you typically wouldn’t think of an airport hotel as having many amenities beyond pure convenience, the Westin Los Angeles is on a mission to break the mold for business travelers. Set in an area jokingly called Silicon Beach for all the tech entrepreneurs that pass through, they insist you can get in some surf time before your morning coffee. Just a short drive from the sand, the hotel encourages everyone to take advantage of their surroundings instead of sequestering themselves to the board room.

In order to get them out of the office and into the California sunshine, the resident surf concierge and experience specialist, Jenny Palomo is there to infuse a daily dose of Vitamin Sea into the mix. She organizes lessons on the iconic El Porto Beach, shares the best secret spots to hang 10, and provides guests with the morning surf report.

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The Westin Los Angeles Airport

Los Angeles
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New York City, New York | Graffiti Concierge


Traveling for the ‘gram has become big business with millennials constantly in search of the latest and greatest photo ops. No one has more of a pulse on New York City’s creative scene than Christian Ribiero, the graffiti concierge at Hotel Indigo.

A hotbed for artists and entrepreneurs, the area is awash with new murals and street art. The in-house concierge offers custom maps and tours to iconic spots across the Big Apple and collaborates with a variety of local artists on installations and wall art to ensure their interior is also a source of inspiration.

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Hotel Indigo Lower East Side New York

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New York
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Sedona, Arizona | A Mountain Bike Concierge


Sedona’s native mountain bike guru, Doug Copp, is a trailblazer both literally and figuratively having personally helped to build the region’s hiking and biking trails since 1994. A life-long Arizonian, Doug helps guests at the Enchantment Resort embrace the Canyon Spirit and get to know the area’s incredible topography. His strong read of each biker and knowledge of the terrain allows him to suggest suitable trails for families, individuals, and groups of all levels. Whether guests are looking for a scenic jaunt around the red rocks, a thrilling and adventurous workout, or a starlight, spiritual journey, Doug’s there to lead the ride of a lifetime.

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Enchantment Resort

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Stowe, Vermont | Fireplace Concierge


When you’re escaping to the woods, it’s important to stay toasty and warm beyond just snuggling with your boo. At least, that’s the philosophy of Edson Hill. A romantic retreat in Vermont, the manor home is just far enough that it feels a million miles away while being right on the outskirts of town. With easy access to Stowe Mountain Resort and their on-site Nordic and snowshoe network, it’s a winter haven.

But after a long day on the slopes or trails, you can return to your cozy nook knowing all rooms come with a fireplace concierge to stoke the fire. Available upon request, a team of individuals are there to prime the flue, open the damper, and ignite the blaze so all you have to worry about is watching the flames as you ease your sore muscles in the soaking tub.

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Edson Hill

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Washington, D.C. | A Bow Tie Butler

A new offering at The Jefferson to ensure guests look DC-chic, the Bow Tie Butler, Chris Adcock, is available to assist with this classic yet fussy fashion accessory. In partnership with The Tie Bar down the street, for males that have an aversion to the mall, the butler can do all your shopping for you, ensuring you look city chic right down to helping pick out the right suit. After all, you never know what politicians and A-listers you may rub elbows with out on the town.

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The Jefferson Hotel

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Washington D.C.
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