In The Details: 10 Hotel Do Not Disturb Signs That Will Make You Laugh

By , November 9th, 2015

Whether it’s appended gracefully on the door handle giving a kind warning to hotel staff that you’re still blissfully snoozing, or it’s dangling haphazardly from the knob urging passersby to stay away  — the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign is an icon in hotel culture worldwide. As such a prominent aspect in your hotel stay, some good-humored hotels are leading the way with more entertaining Do Not Disturb signs. We’ve compiled a list of the funniest hotel Do Not Disturb (DND) signs for your reading pleasure.

The Exhibitionist Do Not Disturber



citizenM Hotel. Photo by cs_listens

The trendy citizenM hotel in Amsterdam uses it’s Do Not Disturb sign to artistically (and literally) paint a picture of what we all think happens behind closed hotel doors — naked people. Whether you’re naked alone or naked in company, the DND sign gives passersby a little preview. The hotel is located less than a 5-minute walk from Schiphol International Airport. It offers the perfect cure for jet lag with its high pressured showers, free movies, fluffy pillows and 24-hour food and drink service. So wash off that plane scum and curl up under the sheets in your birthday suit to enjoy a free movie.

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The Sassy Do Not Disturber



Magnolia Hotel. Photo by alanab13

Leave it to the Magnolia Houston Hotel to insert a bit of mouth-offing humor into their DNDs. It’s a bit condescending, but still fun and the Do Not Disturb sign is warranted since you’re probably going to want to sleep in — crisp, white sheets, luxurious soaking tubs and luxurious flat-screen TVs — mean your not getting out of bed anytime soon. 

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The Narcissistic Do Not Disturber



Hard Rock Hotel Bali. Photo by paupau1881

The Hard Rock Hotel in Bali has a flair for the dramatic. With the largest free-form swimming pool in Bali (complete with a sand island in the middle) and a million dollar audio/visual setup for the hotel’s nightclub, Centerstage, there’s no shortage in theatrics. Keeping with the rock star theme, the DND signs are perfect for the inner diva in all of us.

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The Artistic Do Not Disturber



Volkshotel. Photo by be.singular

If these DND signs at the Volkshotel don’t inspire you into artistic fervor, nothing else will. The Hotel claims to be a place for everyone, from ‘single moms and stockbrokers to rockstars’. Once a newspaper headquarters, the Volkshotel keeps a historical theme with the raw materials used in its architecture: wood, glass and concrete make up the 172 guestrooms. Opt for a standard room if you just want some shut-eye, or choose from one of their ‘special rooms’ like the sexy Cinema Boudoir (think red, velvet, satin and a big screen beamer) or the Bathing Bikou Japanese zen, with minimalist decor, oh and a giant wooden bath in the middle the room) for a more exciting stay. Put out your artsy DND sign out when you feel inspired to get creative in your hotel room (or if you just want to sleep).

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The Psychotic Do Not Disturber



Kaboom Hotel. Photo by larissahoogland

The Kaboom Hotel looks like some sort of gorgeous insane asylum. With its black and white modern decor, the guestrooms are likely to induce a hypnotic slumber on visitors. The walls are decorated in a reoccurring, detailed, twisted pattern of black hieroglyphic-like clusters sprawled across the whitest-of-white walls. Guests can enjoy a warm cup of joe on the ground floor or shimmy up to the hotel rooftop for panoramic views. The staff at Kaboom won’t take it personally when you place the threatening DND sign on your door at the end of a long night, mostly because they’re used to it — but also because the psychotic smiley lessens the blow.

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The Exclusive Do Not Disturber



Daniel Hotel. Photo by ooohmandy

Enjoy an urban stay at the Daniel Hotel where history and efficiency reign. The hotel has been around since 1886, but undertook a huge rennovation after World War II when it adopted its current 1950s stylistic flair. The hotel’s 108 guestrooms are spacious, clean, and comfortable with no fuss. Try and book the Loftcube room, located on the rooftop. Designed by a Berlin-based architect, the ‘cube’ has open views of the city, a jungle-themed Raindance shower and is surrounded by a wooden patio on the roof of the hotel. There is only one cube loft — exclusive — just like the Daniel’s DND sign.

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The Playful Do Not Disturber



Harrah’s Las Vegas. Photo by awesomeartist73

Remember simpler times at Harrah’s Las Vegas where you’re encouraged to revisit your 9-year-old self. Their playful DND sign suggests that hotel guests are hard at work building extravagant pillow forts. Considering the hotel is massive (2,500 guestrooms!), it would be easy to use the spacious rooms to build a gigantic fort, not to mention that each bed consists of 4-5 extra fluffy pillows. Harrah’s is all about playing. From the casino and the seven restaurants to the retail shops and outdoor swimming pool, this hotel makes sure children and adults of any age are having a good time.

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The Blunt Do Not Disturber



Sunset Tower Hotel. Photo by thebrandonowens

Perhaps the most effective hotel Do Not Disturb sign on the list, the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood likes to keep it classic. Each of the hotel’s guestrooms convey an elegant, quintessential-hotel style. Each room has ultra comfy beds, floor-to-ceiling windows, and yummy, natural bath products from Kiehl’s. Everything is elegant yet simple, just like it’s DND sign.

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The Hungover Do Not Disturber



25Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin. Photo by catgoesnatural

Leave it to the 25Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin to paint the epitome of the morning after a big night out. With the nightlife scene that Berlin has to offer, we’re not entirely surprised by these DND signs. Guests at the Bikini Berlin can rest their aching heads on the softest of pillows all while gazing out at the Berlin zoo from the floor-to-ceiling windows of the jungle-themed room. For Non animal-fans (too bad because Bikini Berlin is also pet-friendly!), opt for one of the ‘Urban’ rooms which boast loft-like decor, king-sized beds, and cityscape views. After you’ve gingerly placed the DND sign on your custom-designed doorknob, get some sleep so you can wake up in the afternoon for a bike tour of beautiful Berlin on the free bike rental that comes with your reservation

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The Creepy Do Not Disturber



The Student Hotel. Photo by essinouette

The Do Not Disturb signs at The Student Hotel in Amsterdam take on a whole new meaning:  in fact their ironic DND sign desperately invites passersby to disturb guests in need of  ‘affection’. The Student hotel has a unique option to book by the night, the week, or by school semester! This hotel offers all the comforts of home, like full size closets and study desks in each room, but it also promotes a feeling of community for lonely exchange students by setting up private rooms with en suite bathrooms but shared kitchens where you can ‘chill’ with friends and meet people. Think of it like a luxurious dorm room — with some really honest DND signs.

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What’s the best Hotel Do Not Disturb sign you’ve ever seen? 

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