Hotels That Will Scare The S*** Out Of You This Halloween

Whether you’re celebrating Halloween this year or turning off the lights to avoid trick-or-treaters, something about the day makes the scary could-be happenings–that probably will never happen (knock on wood)–seem more plausible.

In honor of the spooky season, take a look at some of the scariest hotels in America.

The Stanley hotel ‘shines’ atop the Rockies


Although the Stanley hotel didn’t actually appear in Stanley Kubrick’s thriller The Shining, it did inspire Stephen King to write his famous horror novel by the same name. The Stanley, opened in 1909, is famed as one of America’s most haunted hotels. Rooms 217 (where King stayed and where a hotel maid nearly fell to her death in an explosion) and room 418 (haunted by children) are where most of the paranormal activity takes place. Guests have repeatedly reported apparitions and belongings not being in the same place they had left them. The hotel itself offers resort-like amenities and outstanding panoramic views of the Colorado Rocky Mountain Range.

The Stanley Hotel

Estes Park
7.8 Good (390 reviews)

Meet a ‘Beautiful Stranger’ at the Hotel del Coronado


This Victorian masterpiece has more than 125 years of history to contribute to her haunting, but there is one ghost in particular that roams the antique corridors of the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego. Her name was Kate Morgan and she killed herself on the Del’s grand staircase in 1892–the result of being left waiting in vain for her love who never arrived. Hotel guests report sightings of Kate and inexplicable sudden breezes in her guestroom, as well as TV sets that sporadically switch on and off throughout the night. Kate’s ghost inspired the Del’s Heritage Department to write the book Beautiful Stranger, which you can pick up in the historical gift shop at the Del. Apart from beautiful Kate, the hotel offers luxurious guestrooms. modern amenities, a full-service spa and ocean-front views!

Hotel del Coronado, Curio Collection by Hilton

7.5 Good (2890 reviews)

Get goosebumps at the snowy Timberline Lodge


That’s ‘goosebumps’ in the literal sense–the Timberline Lodge in Oregon is (unfortunately) not haunted — however, its exterior was used in areal shots of Kubrick’s terrifying film The Shining. The Stanley hotel was the inspiration for the story of The Shining, but Kubrick wasn’t satisfied with the amount of snow on The Stanley’s roof, so shooting for the film moved to the Lodge for sufficient snow shots. Don’t be too disappointed with the lack of paranormal occurrences, the Lodge offers cozy rooms complete with wood-burning fireplaces, snowy mountain views, and plush blankets.

Timberline Lodge

Mount Hood
8.4 Very good (207 reviews)

Solve a murder at the Salish Lodge & Spa


Just 30 miles from Seattle, nestled in the lush Washington forestry, you may recognize the Salish Lodge from David Lynch’s hit TV show Twin Peaks. The iconic setting of the resort, which overlooks the Snoqualmie Falls, was the perfect set for the eerie murder mystery unfolding on the show. Off-screen, the resort still takes center stage with each of its 84 guestrooms — all complete with an in-suite Jacuzzi and cozy fireplace. Guests can spend the day skiing the nearby slopes or hiking the misty trails then wind down in the resort’s luxurious spa.

Salish Lodge & Spa

Top rated
9.2 Excellent (2232 reviews)

The Roosevelt sets the scene for a psychological nightmare


The Roosevelt Hotel opened its doors to the New York streets in 1924 and now, nearly 90 years later, guests can still see feel the energy of the Roaring Twenties upon entering the Roosevelt’s grand lobby. The hotel served as the backdrop to Mikael Håfström’s psychological thriller 1408, starring John Cusack. In the film, Cusack’s character carries the unfortunate responsibility of investigating paranormal activity in room 1408 of the ‘Dolphin Hotel’ (The Roosevelt), an investigation which turns to complete terror within the hotel’s guestroom. Apart from its film cameo, The Roosevelt has its grand decor and classic charm to offer guests, plus modern amenities like high-speed internet, flat screen TVs and a fitness center.

The Roosevelt

New York
7.5 Good (12439 reviews)

A Hollywood haunting at the Roosevelt


Don’t miss your chance to meet Marilyn Monroe, the starlet who captured America’s hearts and became a Hollywood icon after her death in 1962, at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California. Miss Monroe spent so much time at this posh hotel, which gained fame for hosting the first ever Academy Awards in 1929, that she purchased a full-length antique mirror for her favorite suite located above the hotel pool. Today, guests have reported seeing Monroe’s ghost applying lipstick and fixing her hair in the mirror’s reflection. Other celebrities like four-time Oscar nominee Montgomery Clift and ultra-glam actress Carole Lombard (catch her roaming the halls on the 12th floor where she often stayed with her husband, Clark Gable) have also made spooky appearances at the Roosevelt. Stay and play with Hollywood stars in the 20s- built hotel tower or the 50s-style cabanas.

The Hollywood Roosevelt

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8.7 Excellent (2340 reviews)