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How To Make The Most Of A Girls Getaway To Las Vegas

By , March 30th, 2015

A girls getaway to Las Vegas is the best kind of cliché. A city too eclectic to be summed up in a few words, Las Vegas fully lives up to its glitzy, ostentatious reputation. From extravagant shows and some of the world’s best nightlife, to stellar shopping and luxurious spas, Las Vegas is packed with innumerable ways to unwind and escape from reality. Here are a few tips for adding even more fabulousness to a Sin City trip with your friends.

Go Beyond the Strip

The Fremont Street Experience

Freemont Street is an experience. Photo by nito500 / 123RF Stock Photo

The Las Vegas Strip, also known as Las Vegas Blvd, is every bit as bright and mesmerizing as you expect it to be. That said, spending your entire vacation on the Strip is a bit like eating cheesecake for every meal: Eventually it gets to be too much. Plus, there are some amazing attractions beyond the Strip.

Las Vegas Outlet Shopping

Shopping at Las Vegas premium outlets. Photo by Michael Rehfeldt CC BY

I’m a shopping addict and still get lost in daydreams of the bargains I scored at Las Vegas Premium Outlets. The outlet center, which is less than a 10-minute taxi ride away from the Strip, has awesome deals on designer brands like AIX Armani Exchange, Lacoste, and Coach. The Fremont Street Experience is another fun way to venture off the Strip. It still has the casinos, the drinks and the entertaining people-watching opportunities of the Strip, but everything is cheaper and comes with a dash of history. Dating back to 1905, Fremont has quirky old casinos, the biggest video screen in the world, laser shows and you can even zip-line down the street.

Take Advantage of the Free Stuff

Girls getaway to Las Vegas

Free drinks at Vegas casinos. Photo by Nigel Wilson CC BY

Without even gambling you could easily part with thousands of dollars on one high rolling night in Las Vegas but, fortunately, it’s almost equally as easy to score freebies. Gamble in any casino and drinks are free as long as you’re spending money. Gambling is not really my thing, but like many people, my friends and I couldn’t imagine leaving Las Vegas without trying at least one slot machine, and you might as well capitalize on the free drinks while you’re crossing this item off your bucket list.

Guestlist to Vegas clubs

Get on the list. Photo by faungg’s photo CC BY

One of the big advantages of taking a girls getaway to Las Vegas is that promoters want you in their clubs since their ultimate goal is to create a high ratio of females-to-males. As you walk down the Strip, promoters (probably more than you want) will offer to put your names on their guest lists, usually giving you free entry into their clubs that night. Take a few up on the offer. You certainly don’t have to go if you change your mind and if you do decide to go out, you don’t have to pay cover–plus you can skip the line at the club too.

Be a Shameless Tourist

Girls getaway to Vegas

Indulge in being a tourist. Photo by Rob Young CC BY

Las Vegas is not the place to be a travel snob, too cool to slum with the other tourists. The best way to have a memorable trip to Vegas is to embrace the city’s complete over-the-topness. Every hotel on the Strip has a gloriously kitschy theme, from New York to ancient Egypt. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower replica at Paris Las Vegas and check out the view of the Bellagio Fountains across the street. Let a gondolier serenade you as you float through the indoor canal at the Venetian Hotel, and take way too many pictures of the whole thing. Laugh yourselves into a fit of awkward tears at a Chippendales show, and eat at a theme restaurant like Planet Hollywood or the Hard Rock Café. In Las Vegas, the general rule seemed to be that the more ridiculous we felt, the more fun we had.

What other activities would you add to this fun-filled list?