Our Hometowns: a local's guide to Cali, Colombia

Discover our exclusive tips about what to eat, drink and do, plus where to sleep, in this cultural Colombian city known for salsa dancing.

We from trivago Magazine want to take you to explore cities all around the globe as you were a local – no matter if it’s in a European city, like Barcelona, or a South America destination, like Rio de Janeiro. For this, our colleagues at trivago are sharing the most exclusive tips about their hometowns – that kind of information that just a good friend would give.  

This time, Cristina will take you to discover the beauty of Cali, a Colombian city that it is not only a must-go destination for Latin music lovers, but also for those looking for delicious food and a very unique city atmosphere, including colorful places and many hidden gems. Are you ready to include it in your bucket-list?

Cristina Duque

When Cristina, a content manager at trivago, thinks of her hometown, Cali, she remembers the 6pm breeze with a “pandebono”. Even though she left the Colombian city 10 years ago, her accent has followed her everywhere she goes and she believes it’s the tastier accent in the world (if accents were food).

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Here are few more restaurants and dishes that are definitely worth a try.

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The tips in Cali don’t stop there!

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Don’t worry, Cali has many more activities to offer:

And More

There are many more hidden gems in Cali that you need to discover.


If I were visiting Cali, I would stay at the hotel Colina San Antonio. It’s located in San Antonio, my favorite neighborhood of the city, surrounded by amazing restaurants and the best vibe that you can find out there. The hotel rooms are spacious, the decoration keeps the Cali vibe alive, and, of course, it’s a huge colonial house that respects the culture of the area. It offers a great value for money, and the location is unbeatable!