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Our Hometowns: A local's guide to Porto, Portugal

Discover what to eat, drink and do, plus where to sleep, with this local's guide to experiences not to be missed in the city of Invicta.

People from 90 nationalities work at trivago. This means that whenever one of us is planning on visiting a new destination, it’s almost guaranteed that we have a colleague local to the area who will give us the most authentic suggestions for discovering his or her country or hometown.

Now it’s time to share these insider secrets with our readers! Internet aside, the tips and options are endless. So we decided to create a very personal little guide with some of our colleagues’ favorite activities and locations.

We started with a trip through Portugal. Here, we see Porto through the eyes of Andreia, our content manager at trivago Magazine Portugal. Located in the north of Portugal, Porto is the second biggest Portuguese city. Well known especially for the famous Port wine, the city has much more to offer.

Ready to go?

Andreia Sá

A Content Manager here at trivago, Andreia says that "saudade", or "missing", is perhaps the word that best defines how she feels about Porto and Portugal, since she has lived abroad for 5 years. "Whenever you hear a "I'm going to Portugal, do you have any tips?", you already have a document with all the suggestions that you have compiled over the years," she says.

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There are so many gastronomic options in Porto that it’s difficult to choose just one! So here are a few more restaurants and dishes to try.

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The ideas for where to get a drink in Porto don’t stop there!

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Here are few other points of interest that you can’t miss if you are visiting Porto for the first time.

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Here are my top other points of interest that you may never have visited, but are definitely worthwhile!


Selecting only one accommodation in Porto is almost impossible for me. Still, if I had to choose, I would stay at Rosa Et Al Townhouse. Located in the arts district, this hotel has only seven rooms and was born from the renovation of a XVIII century building that used to be a book publisher. The traditional architecture was kept in the refurbishment and every single detail – from the materials to the soap – was carefully chosen to create a cozy and intimate environment.

At Rosa Et Al, guests can participate in food workshops and mindfulness retreats, check out an art exhibition or try the five o’clock tea. There is also a lovely patio at the back of the house where you can lounge and relax.