Make Like A Rock Star And Party In Miami

By , December 5th, 2014

If you’re looking for a break that allows you to party like a rock star then Miami is the place for you. Miami’s nightlife is hot in all senses of the word and you can expect parties to last all day and all night. Miami Beach has everything from beach parties to stylish cocktail bars as well as huge nightclubs where the tunes are pumping until the early hours or boutique hangouts for the in-crowd.
Whatever your preference, you’ll find a party in Miami so get ready to let your hair down (not literally, it’s far too hot for that) and have a night out to remember.

Take a nap

Delano Hotel Miami

Photo by Graham and Sheila CC BY

This first tip may not seem very rock ‘n roll but a night out in Miami doesn’t start until well after midnight. Make sure you squeeze in a nap before your night out. You are spoiled for choice in Miami when it comes to fashionable places to stay. If South Beach is your destination of choice, look no further than the The Beacon Hotel but don’t forget about those amazing classic hotels like The Delano.

Where are you going to nap out?

Dress the part

Miami street style

Photo by Peter Atkins

Miami is a hot and sweaty place for a night out so clothes are skimpy and most ladies will have as much skin on show as they dare. Expect short shorts, tiny dresses, mini skirts and strappy tops. Don’t forget your skyscraper heels and bling to complete the look. There is a dress code so guys will need to be in shoes and long pants and will need a collar in most places. Ladies with long hair may prefer to tie it back into an elegant up-do as you could find it hot and uncomfortable, not to mention frizzy.

Get on the guest list

Many of the bars and clubs in Miami will have a guest list. The reason for a guest list isn’t because it’s filled with celebrities and A-listers, it’s simply to give it an air of exclusivity. A line outside a club makes it appear like the cool place to be and if there’s demand, it must be good, right? Don’t be afraid to ask your hotel concierge to call a club and ask to have you put on the guest list. Failing that, give them a call yourself or pop in during the day and let them know you’re coming and would appreciate being put on the list. Being on the guest list will mean you skip the queue and may pay a reduced cover charge to get in. It’s often easier for women to get on the guest list than men, because where women are, men will follow. It’s sexist, I know, but if you’re in a group, make sure the ladies are at the front and whenever possible have more women than men.

Know where to go

Mansion Club Miami

Photo courtesy of Mansion 

Cameo is one of the legendary Miami nightclubs that every first time visitor must experience. This enormous multi-level club attracts a young and stylish crowd looking for a VIP night out.

The phrase ‘go big or go home’ definitely applies to Mansion where another enormous club awaits. Expect hip-hop tunes and huge crowds. Bottle service is recommended because getting to the bar can be tricky at Mansion.

Partying in Miami, FL

Photo courtesy of Nikki Beach

Mynt Lounge is small and intimate, and is often dotted with celebs as well as the young, the rich and the beautiful. If you can get on this guest list you know you’re in for a good night.
If you’re looking for somewhere to take you from day to night then Nikki Beach Club is the place to go. A chilled out but elegantly stylish bar and restaurant transforms into an open-air club at night. Take your credit card though; you’re going to need it.

Splash your cash

Party scene in Miami

Photo by Dlsee 

Miami can be expensive. The area is well known for overpriced bars and clubs as well as high entrance fees and pricey drinks. If you want to have a good night out in Miami then I would recommend accepting the fact that it’s going to cost you a small fortune. It’s worth it though; you’ll have the night of your life and what better way to pretend you’re a rock star.