More Americans Than Ever Are Interested In Mes de la Patria

This week the Dominican Republic celebrates its 173rd birthday with Mes de la Patria

and it looks like Dominican-Americans might be looking to head to their ancestral homeland–la patria–for the holiday.

More Americans Than Ever Are Interested In Mes de la Patria

Based on trivago search queries, significantly more U.S. travelers are researching a visit to the Caribbean country for the national holiday. In fact, we see a 76 percent increase among searches to Quisqueyano territory for this year’s celebration compared to years past.

None of this is entirely surprising, though. Unlike most independence day celebrations, which last a day and consist of foodstuffs like cheap beer and hotdogs, the Dominican Republic doubles the party by intertwining the month-long Mes de la Patria festivities with the country’s annual carnival celebrations, resulting in a vibrant, merengue-filled bash of cultural identity and creativity. Hard to imagine why so many people would be interested in such a festivity, right?

Furthermore, U.S. interest in the Dominican Republic–beyond the sandy, liquor-laden beaches of Punta Cana, obviously–has steadily increased in recent years. Since 2015, search volume from the U.S. to the D.R. has increased tenfold. With that, oddly enough, Dominican hotel prices have decreased. Last year a night in Santo Domingo cost an average of $106, whereas now, that’s fallen to $97/night.

Still, those still looking to visit the D.R. (but not willing to shell out the money for Mes de la Patria) should book in December. That’s when hotel prices are cheapest ($97/night) this year.