Nashville’s About To Become “Cashville” For This Weekend’s CMA Fest and Stanley Cup Finals

By , June 6th, 2017

Nashville, Smashville, and maybe now it should be called Cashville. With the CMA Music Festival, Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, and nearby Bonnaroo all coming to town this weekend, Nashville’s about to become “Cashville.”

Just check out the ticket prices from Stubhub to the city’s events this weekend:

As if ticket prices weren’t outrageous enough, you’ll need another Music City Miracle to find something affordable over the weekend. trivago data indicates that average hotel prices hover around $315/night from June 8 to June 11, and rates within slapshot distance to the weekend festivities average around $440/night. That’s not say it’s too expensive to visit. There are still rooms along the city skirts–the few that are left because the city’s hotels are at almost 75% capacity–that are under $150/night.

Those keen on seeing some hockey this weekend should actually consider heading north. In fact, it’ll be significantly cheaper for Predators fans to load up the Camry and amble up to the Steel City to catch Game 5. According to StubHub, ticket prices for Game 6 in Nashville start–START!–at over $1,400 for a seat in the nosebleeds. But if the same fans would rather head to Pittsburgh, they’ll actually save money–a ton of money.

Here’s the price breakdown:

-Tickets: $238 (about $480 for a pair)

-Average Hotel Price: $580 for the long weekend (June 8 to June 11)–or $290 if you split the cost

-Gas: $80 round-trip–or $40 if said friends goes halfsies

=Total: $568 per person.

Going off this price, you’d still have about a grand to spend in booze money until you reached single game ticket prices in Smashville for Game 6.

While our über scientific process primarily factors cost, it neglects the X-Factor brought by the Preds–and that’s not including devouring eight pounds of hot chicken. Skipping out on Nashville risks missing the best atmosphere in the NHL–and the copious amounts of hockey tonk on Lower Broadway.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr / (aka Brent)