NHL Playoffs 2017: Holy Robin Sparkles! Canada Is Back

By , April 10th, 2017

Load up on the Labatt and saddle up your moose — playoff hockey is back in Canada. After taking a year hiatus from the country’s national pastime, five Canadian teams qualified for the 2017 NHL Playoffs.

As the schedule was announced, we looked into hotel prices within a one-mile radius of arenas hosting playoff hockey. We didn’t look into every matchup (we’re busy people, folks), but picked by using a very scientific process called — teams our office care about.

We know Leaf fans will travel for their playoff hockey fix, and, based on ticket prices at the Air Canada Centre, it looks like Toronto fans may have no choice but to travel. According to StubHub, ticket prices for games 3 and 4 start at $260 ($348 CAD), with lower bowl seats at $422 ($564 CAD). But if Toronto fans would rather catch a game in D.C., they’ll actually save money. And that’s not only on the ticket price but also includes hotel and transport.

Here’s the breakdown for Leaf fans willing to travel to D.C.

– Tickets: $45 ($90 for a pair)–for nose-bleeds, obviously

Average Hotel Price: $268/night–or $134/night if you bring a friend

Gas: $80 round-trip–or $40 if said friend goes halfsies.

= Total: $219 ($292 CAD)

That’s almost $40 ($54 CAD) cheaper than one ticket at the ACC. And, Leafs fans, the more people you can drag into the car, the cheaper it’ll be. If you can cram four into your Honda Civic, the total cost is roughly $132/person ($177 CAD).

Speaking of Canada’s grand return to the Stanley Cup stage, Edmonton is hosting last year’s runner-up,  the San Jose Sharks. Given the distance (Google Maps says just a hair over a day’s drive), we don’t expect fans to travel back and forth. But all that means is more hotel rooms for local fans to make the most of the night and have a puckin’ good time.

Hotels Within One Mile
April 12 (Game 1 @ Edmonton)
$90; $120 (CAD)
April 14 (Game 2 @ Edmonton)
$90; $120 (CAD)
April 16 (Game 3 @ San Jose)
$178; $236 (CAD)
April 18 (Game 4 @ San Jose)
$387; $515 (CAD)
Search Period: April 1 to April 11, 2017

No stranger to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Chicago kicks off its run against the Nashville Predators. Prices hover around $200-$250 for the first three games but jack up to $377 for Game 4. Cocky Blackhawks fans traveling for a theoretical sweep, perhaps?

Hotels Within One Mile
April 13 (Game 1 @ Chicago)
April 15 (Game 2 @ Chicago)
April 17 (Game 3 @ Nashville)
April 20 (Game 4 @ Nashville)
Search Period: April 1 to April 11, 2017

The Columbus Blue Jackets and Pittsburgh Penguins provide the league’s closest matchup — at least in terms of geographic proximity. Nationwide Arena and PPG Paints Arena are just 187 miles apart with split allegiances along the way. Then there’s the NHL-less Cleveland area to think about (approximately 140 miles from each arena) where ’90s kids of the pre-Bluejacket area tend to lean heavily toward Pittsburgh (despite loathing all things Steel City when the puck turns to pigskin).

Hotel prices for Games 1 and 2 in Pittsburgh don’t vary drastically from Games 4 and 5 in Columbus, so your best bet is to think about how far you’re traveling and see what ticket prices look like. According to StubHub as of this morning, Game 1 in Pittsburgh starts at $48 and Game 3 in Columbus starts at $80.

Hotels Within One Mile
April 12 (Game 1 @ Pittsburgh)
April 14 (Game 2 @ Pittsburgh)
April 16 (Game 3 @ Columbus)
April 18 (Game 4 @ Columbus)
Search Period: April 1 to April 11, 2017

One more shout-out for Canada — Calgary. The Flames head down to Anaheim where goalie Brian Elliott will have to track Goldberg’s–I mean Corey Perry’s–infamous slapper. The Ducks continue to be led by one Mr. Gordon Bombay, whose court-ordered community service seemingly has no end. (Sorry, one too many Labatts.)

Hotels Within One Mile
April 13 (Game 1 @ Anaheim)
$161; $214(CAD)
April 15 (Game 2 @ Anaheim)
$153; $204 (CAD)
April 17 (Game 3 @ Calgary)
$149; $199(CAD)
April 19 (Game 4 @ Calgary)
$199; $265(CAD)
Search Period: April 1 to April 11, 2017

Now here’s the kicker, I mean, slapshot. There’s a chance all of this will be irrelevant by the time you read this. Even as we compiled our data, hotel prices for Game 4 in Nashville shot up by about 89%. That’s why we’ll be regularly checking prices throughout the playoffs, so feel free to refresh this page as things develop.

Are you traveling for your team? Let us know in the comments and maybe we can help you find your ideal hockey hotel.

UPDATE: Prices updated since publication to reflect a search period of April 1 – 11, 2017.

Feature image courtesy of Daniel CC BY