Rediscovering Barcelona: A Local's Perspective by Carla and Adrian

By , August 19th, 2013

In May 2013, trivago gave away two sets of WorldTrips to four lucky travelers.  Carla  and her boyfriend, Adrian, are the second set of travelers to embark on this exciting journey to ten cities across the world.  They both hail from Spain, and they are starting their trivago WorldTrip in Barcelona.  Read on for their recommendations on what to see and what to do while in Barcelona.  We’ll be following them and updating this blog regularly while they are traveling.

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Carla and Adrian’s Adventures in Barcelona

Just a week ago I still couldn’t believe that my dream was about to come true.  Now, it is already here.  We have just started the trivago worldtrip that our hopes and wishes brought to our lives.


[caption id="attachment_1601" align="alignnone" width="500"]lobby Silken Diagonal Barcelona[/caption]

Rediscovering a city is always a challenge for locals (I live in Barcelona).  On this trip, I am trying not to repeat places I have already been, I am testing out new streets to see where they lead, and I am visiting places that I already know, but trying to see them in a different light, perhaps a different time of the day…This is what we have been doing since Sunday, when we set foot in the Silken Diagonal hotel in Barcelona.

[caption id="attachment_2260" align="alignnone" width="567"]Enjoying the Hotel Silken Diagonal Terrace Enjoying the Hotel Silken Diagonal Terrace[/caption]

The hotel terrace is within striking distance of the famous skyscraper, Agbar Tower, and is a perfect location to enjoy the view while sipping on a mojito or a champagne.

[caption id="attachment_2262" align="alignnone" width="800"]Delicious Breakfast at Hotel Silken Diagona Delicious Breakfast at Hotel Silken Diagona[/caption]

Breakfast is a neverending delicious feast, but the best part about the hotel is the ambiance and decor of the room: floor to ceiling windows that allow for plenty of sunlight, and a beautifully designed bathroom, which we loved.

As locals, we want to recommend the best parts of the city.  Here is our suggestion on the top 5 places in Barcelona that are still free and totally worth it.  The best thing to do during the day is to start off by walking around the city center. During the summer, when it is really hot in the city, take a stroll in theGothic and Born neighborhoods, where the narrow streets offer the best sunscreen.

[caption id="attachment_2264" align="alignnone" width="800"]Park Güell Park Güell in Barcelona[/caption]

The Park Güell, the famous structure designed by architect Antoni Gaudí, is a great option in the afternoon, when the light is most beautiful and the crowd of tourists have died down.

[caption id="attachment_2265" align="alignnone" width="800"]Montjuïc Castle in Barcelona Montjuïc Castle in Barcelona[/caption]

At night, make sure you head over to Montjuïc, where the view of the city will leave you breathless.  At the top of the hill, there is a nice castle, which is also free.


Stay in this area for the sunset.  After sunset, there is a fantastic free music and water show appropriately coined the Magic Fountain Show of Montjuïc.

torre agbar

Last but certainly not least – the Agbar Tower.  It opened in 2005 and is one of the new icons of the city skyline.  We suggest that you walk around it at night, when it is most beautiful.

We are still in Barcelona and are looking forward to my 25th birthday party.  We will be celebrating at the Silken Diagonal Hotel.  We are looking forward to the rest of our trivago WorldTrip and looking to learn a little bit more about this wonderful city.  Any recommendations?

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