24 Hours of Relaxation and Romance at The Don CeSar

Returning to the pink fairy-tale castle of her childhood, Emma Sullivan enjoys a romantic stay at one of Florida's most iconic and eccentric hotels: The Don CeSar.

„Let’s go to the pink castle!“ I used to squeal with my nose pressed against the window of my family’s SUV, as we crossed the Bayway Bridge to St. Pete Beach. For a 7-year-old, The Don CeSar was pure magic on the sand.

Today, as a well-traveled professional pushing 30, The Don still elicits the same excitement when those iconic salmon-colored spires first come into view. This time, however, the excitement is for a 24-hour respite and rejuvenating romantic getaway.

From sunup to sundown, the “Pink Palace” delights the five senses. My partner and I awoke in our elegant double room, surrounded by a color palette mirroring the blue of the water and beige of the sandy shore. A view of the sprawling grounds and the ocean just beyond, hinted at what will be revealed in an unforgettable day at the legendary Don CeSar.