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7 Secret Brazilian Beaches That You’re Not Supposed to Know About

By , June 9th, 2014

Brazil is an enchanting country flooded with natural wonders. Its warm weather and dramatic landscapes results in some of the best beaches in the world. Here’s a roundup of beaches so beautiful that the locals hope you never find out about them.

Brazil’s Secret Beaches

1. Fernando de Noronha, Pernambuco

This is not just a beach, but an archipelago of 21 islands filled with white sandy beaches including the breathtaking Baía do Sancho. Tourism is limited by the government to around 420 people at a time so you can always enjoy a semi-private dip in the sea.

© Pedro Paulo Capelossi EMBRATURPhoto by Pedro Paulo Capelossi, © EMBRATUR

2. Jericoacoara Beach, Ceará

Possibly one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Jericoacoara Beach or “Jeri” is about a four-hour drive west from Fortaleza, but anyone who’s been to this paradise between two seas will tell you it’s worth it. Warm crystal blue waters and sandy dunes in the distance make for a picturesque backdrop to your Brazilian vacation.

Jericoacoara, Ceará

Photo by Wagner T. Casimiro. CC BY.

3. Lençois Maranhenses National Park, Maranhão

On first glance visitors to Lençois Maranhenses beach may think they’ve arrived in a Saharan desert since the sandy dunes can be misleading. Once you reach the top of a dune, you can see below the crystal blue lagoons of freshwater left from heavy rains.

Parc National Lençóis Maranhenses, Brésil

4. Alter do Chão Beach, Pará

Located 33 kilometers west of Santarém, Alter do Chão beach features a picturesque Amazonian lagoon of freshwater accompanied by soft sands and jungle views.

Pará_Alter do Chão

Photo courtesy of Brazil Tourism.© Embratur

5. Lagoinha do Leste Beach, Santa Catarina

Truly a secret beach, Lagoinha do Leste can only be reached by two hiking trails: one from Matadeiro beach, or by the trail that starts near the Pântano do Sul beach.

Lagoinha do LestePhoto by TheTurducken. CC BY.

6. Cachadaco Beach, Rio de Janeiro

A must-see if you’re going to be in Rio’s nearby town of Paraty. Just a short bus ride away takes you to Trinidade, where you can taste the fresh air at this secluded beach and hike back to town to catch evening reggae shows.

Cachadaco BeachPhoto by Nianin. CC BY. 

7. Moreré Beach, Bahia

On the beautiful South Atlantic island of Boipeba you’ll find this white sandy beach surrounded by an old fishing village. You can spend hours exploring clear ocean pools formed by the nearby coral reefs.

Morere Beach, BahiaPhoto by Ainara Aparici. CC BY.

Where to Stay

Inspired to stay at one of these gorgeous secret Brazilian beaches? Here are some of the top hotels you should be staying at.

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