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The 5 Style Staples You Need To Pack For A Miami Weekend

By , December 4th, 2014

It’s no secret that Miami is sizzling. Bold, sexy, audacious: the southern Florida city isn’t known for being demure. With its proximity to the beach, it can be easy to stick to a uniform: bathing suit, parrot earrings and one too many sunburns. Let me show you 5 style staples perfect for a wild Miami weekend and worry not; it doesn’t include James Crockett’s blazers.

#1. The Maxi dress

Miami clothing staples

Keep it casual or dress it up. Photo by Dmytry Flisak / Dollar Photo Club

The maxi dress made its first appearances on the fashion scene during the late 1960s as the ultimate antidote to the highly popular mini skirt. It was later put aside during the 1980’s to make way for the mighty power suit. Today, the maxi dress has returned as the ideal way to bring in high impact with minimal effort. A flowy maxi dress is perfect for an afternoon stroll on Lincoln Road or people watching in South Beach. Stay casual with flat sandals and a jean jacket or dress it up with high heels and a cocktail ring.

#2. A Hat

What to pack for Miami

Keep your skin wrinkle free. Photo by mo1229 CCBY

A glowing tan may be all the rage today but in 10 years, I want to be able to tell my skin apart from my distressed leather satchel. While in Miami, most of my time is spent outdoors, enjoying the sun, but I manage to stay safe without sacrificing style. Choose a wide brimmed hat for South Beach while the melon bowl style will be better suited for a stroll down Wynwood’s artsy streets.

#3. The Million-Dollar Outfit

Weekend wardrobe for Miami

Do not leave your leopard print at home! Photo by Ted Eytan CCBY

With some of America’s highest grossing nightclubs (LIV grossed $35-45 million in 2013), Miami is a nightlife lover’s paradise. Lamborghinis line the streets while the sidewalk is a who’s who of designer labels and celebrity names. Play the part and pack a look that’s worth a million bucks. You know that outfit in the back of your closet that’s  a little too much’ for dinner with the girls? Well, it was born to be alive in Miami. Sequins, miniskirts, rhinestones, and leopard print: anything goes for a night out in Miami. To stay like a rock star, look no further than the Ritz-Carlton South Beach.

#4. The Shawl

packing tips for Miami

A shawl is a necessity . Photo by EpicStockMedia/ Dollar Photo Club

In one of America’s most sun loving destinations, a practical shawl is a must. As you commute from the beach to a lounge for cocktail hour – you know, the hard life in Miami – a shawl is a good way to shield yourself from unforgiving air conditioning. It’s also perfect to transform a casual maxi dress into a chic look for evening. Not into shawls? Swap it for this year’s newest trend – the kimono vest.

#5. Hipster Chic

Packing guide for Miami

Keeping cool on the streets of Wynwood. Photo courtesy of 

Contrary to what it may seem, there’s much more to Miami than gorgeous beaches and the even more gorgeous people lounging on them. It’s a city with vibrant neighborhoods and Wynwood is one of them. How does one do hipster chic in Miami? Keep it fresh with white, summer’s favorite neutral and some urban high-tops. You can also try some ripped denim with a brightly colored blazer over a midriff top.

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