The Best Hotel Toiletries in New York City You'll Want to Pocket

By , September 2nd, 2015

We know the drill: you enter your hotel room, flip on all the lights and promptly head to the bathroom to inspect. You’ve prepared yourself for a crummy soap that might fit into a doll’s hand and a bottle of shampoo and conditioner in an equally dinky bottle but to your delight, there’s a basket of products ready to tackle any and all your beauty needs.

With tight restrictions on carry-on liquid amounts, hotels have been stepping up their amenities game by working with top brands across the world to produce bespoke products. We’ve compiled a list of the best hotel toiletries in New York City so that you can plan ahead on what to use during your stay and what to stash for the journey home.


Morgans Hotel New York


Best hotel toiletries

The Malin+Goetz toiletries blend in perfectly at the Morgans. Photo courtesy of the Morgans Hotel

A crisp interior palette leads guests of the Morgans Hotel in New York City into the flawlessly executed, modern bathroom…made complete with a stack of MALIN+GOETZ amenities. The family-owned and operated Chelsea apothecary focuses on the needs of sensitive skin, ensuring that guests of the Morgans benefit from their long tradition of natural ingredients, sourced from locations as close to their New York home base. Their products are also free of harmful parabens, synthetic fragrances, are made in the USA and aren’t tested on animals, which is why we’ve put them on our list of best hotel toiletries. Slip into the classic black and white tiled bathrooms and spend the night in washing your hair under their rainfall shower.

What You’ll Want To Take Home: The Dark Rum Bar Soap which will leave your skin squeaky clean without drying it out and enveloped in a fast evaporating but delicious rum fragrance.

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Best hotel toiletries

Free of parabens and will leave you squeaky clean. Photo courtesy of the Morgans hotel

The Mark


Best hotel toiletries

The bathroom and products you wish were at your house. Photo by Francesco Tonelli for the Mark

The Mark hotel on the Upper East Side balances between New York sophistication and, thanks to eminent French designer Jacques Grange, Parisian theatrics.  Their spacious bathrooms, enclosed in the finest Italian marble with striped black and white accents, feature deep soaking tubs and separate showers begging for luxurious bath products. The Mark delivers with their bespoke selection of beauty products by La Bottega dell’Albergo, created exclusively for the hotel and housed in bottles featuring cutesy caricatures by French illustrator Jean Phillipe Delhomme featuring topless ladies and men reading the paper in the bathtub.

What You’ll Want To Take Home: The whimsical bottles are a beautiful keepsake even if you’ve managed to use up all the delicious products inside them.

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Top hotel amenities

Whimsical designs on custom products at the Mark. Photo by Francesco Tonelli for the Mark

The Quin

101 WEST 57th STREET

Best hotel bathroom amenities

You might just spend your whole stay in the bathroom. Photo courtesy of the Quin

The Quin stands at the gateway to NYC culture, steps away from Central Park, the Lincoln Center and the glitz and glamour of Fifth Avenue which translates into a stylish lifestyle hotel whose best points are in the details. A mix of marble and glass in the bathrooms keeps things ‘Fresh’ — so fresh in fact that the hotel stocks Fresh® bath amenities in all the rooms. Made from natural and decadent ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, pomegranate and rosewater, theses beauty products will enhance your daily ritual. Prepare to hydrate, strengthen, balance and smell delicious.

What You’ll Want To Take Home: The Fresh Pomegranate Conditioner adds lustrous shine to your locks — you won’t be able to stop touching your hair all day.

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Best Hotel Toiletries in NYC

The Fresh bath products are too good to leave behind. Photo courtesy of the Quin

The Park Hyatt

153 WEST 57th STREET

The Park Hyatt brings the iconic and highly covetable Le Labo to the bathrooms of their New York outpost. The New York fragrance line Le Labo is known for their unique scents — this is not the perfume you remember your grandmother wearing. The Park Hyatt carries their Tubereuse 40 line, a slightly woody floral in a shower gel, shampoo and separate conditioner (rejoice! Who actually still uses a shampoo/conditioner combo anymore?). Love the scent? You might get through the bathroom amenities in one long indulgent shower but head to the Spa Nalai on the 25th floor of the Park Hyatt and indulge in full-sized amenities in their stand-alone Le Labo store.

Park Hyatt New York bathroom bathtub towels

What You’ll Want To Take Home: With notes of bergamot, tangerine, and orange flower, we’re willing to bet you’ll take the elevator up to the 25th floor and buy bigger versions of these products.

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The Ludlow


Ludlow New York bath amenities

Soak in the custom Moroccan Rose products at the Ludlow. Photo courtesy of the Ludlow.

The Ludlow might not have an onsite spa, but their bathroom magically transforms into one. Intrigued? How could you not be, with the beautiful Red Flower bath products that are custom made, from scent to packaging, for the hotel. Slip into the high fashion Maison Martin Margiela bathroom and prepare for some pampering.  The bathroom, decked out in white, is beautifully embellished with golden brass fixtures and a movie star worthy vanity mirror. Moving onto the products themselves- Red Flower takes environmental responsibility quite seriously and the result is a delicious 100% natural botanical cleansing line, which is also biodegradable, biocompatible as well as vegan and cruelty-free.

What You’ll Want To Take Home: The Morrocan Rose body wash, with its certified organic cucumber, apple, chamomile, green tea, ginger and aloe vera, your skin will feel repaired and revitalized even if you miss using it in the enviable bathroom at the Ludlow.

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Details of brass against a white backdrop and a window onto NYC. Photo by Nara Shin for Coolhunting


The Maritime

363 WEST 16th STREET

Maritime hotel bath products

A dream of seafoam green a the Maritime. Photo courtesy of the Maritime Hotel.

Straight from New York’s oldest apothecary comes C.O. Bigelow products, proudly carried at the Maritime hotel in Chelsea. Enter into the penny-tiled sea foam green bathroom and you’ll be delighted to find Lavender-Peppermint C.O.Bigelow products. The invigorating formula was once a hotel-carried exclusive until customers demanded the line be available to them all the time — high praise for a hotel toiletry indeed! The Maritime also stocks the Italian toothpaste brand Marvis in their cute ship-inspired rooms. The rain forest shower will ensure that your bathroom becomes an oasis of beautiful smells!

What You’ll Want To Take Home: The C.O. Bigelow Lavender-Peppermint shampoo is a particularly good way to wake up your senses in the shower if you’re the sort of person who sleeps through half their morning. It’s like an in-shower coffee!

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Best Hotel Toiletries

All natural products from Marvis and Bigelow. Photo courtesy of the Maritime hotel.

The Out NYC

510 WEST 42nd STREET


The Out NYC is committed to keeping their bathrooms well-stocked with a beautiful range of organic products including several from C.O.Bigelow, New York’s oldest apothecary. You can’t argue with something that has been done right since 1838! The best hotel toiletries embody a soothing nature meant to help you relax and unwind during your hotel stay. With notes of lavender in the hand soap and lime and coriander in the shower gel (helping you stay fresh during those hot, sweaty NYC summer nights), the C.O Bigelow products are complemented with a custom lotion from American Medicinal Arts tailor-made for the Out.

What You’ll Want To Take Home: The hand lotion is crafted to soften and nourish travel-tired bodies with grapefruit, vetiver and black pepper working so stimulate skin cells and leaving you glowing. The lotion feels incredible on NYC-walking tired feet.

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Feature image courtesy of Todd Quackenbush, Unsplash