The Ladies Guide To Packing Light

By , January 21st, 2015

Packing for a city break is much more difficult than packing for a relaxing beach vacation or a weekend escape to the countryside–there will be lots of different activities, the weather may be unpredictable and you’ll be spending lots of time on your feet so you’ll want to be comfortable, but stylish. Avoid airline luggage fees, extra weight and the inconvenience of heavy bags by following these simple tips to pack for a city break.


Tips for packing light
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It’s an old cliché that every woman needs a Little Black Dress and it’s not until you’ve found the perfect LBD that you understand why. The best LBD can be folded without creasing and can be dressed up high heels and jewelry or dressed down with tights and flats for any occasion.


Tips on packing light
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OK, you might not be so familiar with the SBJ but I’m referring to the Skinny Black Jean. Skinny black jeans are perfect for city breaks because they are comfortable to walk in all day but you can add skyscraper heels and they’re good for a night out too. The best thing about black jeans is you can wear them for 2-3 days and no one will notice provided you’re wearing a top that grabs people’s attention. If I’m taking a weekend break, I often just take one pair of jeans and pack 4-5 tops.

Pack a capsule wardrobe

Pack lightly for a city break
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The perfect capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothes that can be mixed and matched together to create multiple outfits. Avoid packing a top that only matches one skirt or a pair of shoes that only match one dress. Pack one pair of jeans that matches all your tops and one coat that goes with everything. Choose shoes that go with each outfit and pack a bag filled with complimentary colors. If you feel your outfits will all be too similar then pack colorful accessories like jewelry, scarfs and hats.

Keep shoes to a minimum

Packing Light 101
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We’re all guilty of packing ‘just in case shoes,’ knowing full well that we don’t need that fourth pair of heels. Shoes can take up the majority of your bag so stick to the rule of only packing two pairs of shoes. Yes, two! You’ll need one pair of comfortable flats that you’re happy to walk in all day and that are suitable for the season. Your second pair should be your evening shoes for dinners and nights out.

Keep your samples

Tips for packing light
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Keep the sample sachets for shampoo and moisturizer that come inside magazines and save them for your travels. You will save much more space in your bag and won’t need to bring anything home with you. Here are some more tips for minimizing your makeup bag.

Use packing cubes

Packing light 101
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No matter how hard you try, sometimes you still have far too much stuff. If you’re an over-packer, consider using packing cubes. These are small lightweight bags you can use to organize your clothing and pack it tightly into small containers. If you’re squeezing a lot in to each cube your clothes can become creased but it’s nothing a quick iron at your hotel can’t fix.


What are some of your best tips for packing light?

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