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Where Walking Dead Fans Will Find Zombies In Atlanta

By , October 22nd, 2014

Fans of the AMC show The Walking Dead love the idea of a post apocalyptic society where the zombies are after a small group of survivors. But what many don’t know is that the scenes aren’t filmed on a Hollywood backlot, but rather throughout the downtown and rural areas surrounding Atlanta, Georgia. Many of the sites are easy to visit and you never know when you’ll walk into an episode being filmed!


Where it all began

Jackson Street Bridge Atlanta

As featured on posters and cover art. Photo by Om CC BY

No tour of Atlanta’s TWD locations would be complete without starting where it all began. This overpass is the view captured as Rick rides into an abandoned city, which was featured on posters and cover art. At all hours of day and night, you’ll see fans admiring the view of the skyline from here.

Where to find it: The Jackson Street Bridge is located between Cain Street and Highland Avenue. You can park on the street and walk to the bridge.

The Fake CDC

Cobb Arts Center Atlanta

Don’t go to the arts center expecting to cure the zombie disease

This modernly designed building is Cobb County’s majestic arts center and hosts theater, musical acts and other types of performances. But for fans of The Walking Dead, it’s the Center for Disease Control. While the CDC is really located in Atlanta, the show couldn’t film there due to security reasons, so the Energy Centre took its place.

Where: The Cobb Energy Centre is located at 2800 Cobb Galleria Parkway, which is right off I-75 North.

More goats than zombies

Walking Dead Filming Locations Atlanta

The Goat Farm Arts Center looking spooky. Photo by 2jeffc CC BY

While this random parcel of land in Atlanta’s Westside may be firstly a farm where goats still roam freely, it’s also a studio space and offices for artists, performers and startup companies. The former 1800s mill was transformed into its current incarnation in the 1970s. Its worn industrial brick look makes it a popular spot for photo shoots and filming locations. The “Vatos” episode was filmed here in 2010 and more recently, it was used in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Where: The Goat Farm is located at Foster Street off Huff Road NW.

The perfect American town

Walking Dead film locations

The idyllic Woodbury of Walking Dead. Photo by Marnie Vaughan

In the show’s third season, the scraggly bunch of survivors discovered the idyllic town of Woodbury, where everything seemed too good to be true. The town is actually Senoia, a town 45 minutes outside of Atlanta that looks like it could be straight out of The Andy Griffith Show. It has less than 4,000 residents and some beautifully preserved historic homes and it really does seem too good to be true!

Where: Senoia, Georgia is 45 minutes south of Atlanta on I-85 South.

Walking Dead Atlanta Georgia

Just creepy enough of a setting. Photo by Michael O’Rourke 

What is your favorite The Walking Dead location?