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Episode 13: Evolving Travel Guides: Lonely Planet and Roads & Kingdoms Talk Shop

By , November 21st, 2017

Tom Hall,
Editorial Director at Lonely Planet

From riding on British Railway trains as child to exploring remote parts of the world as the Editorial Director at Lonely Planet, Tom Hall’s life has revolved around travel. Lonely Planet, the largest travel guidebook publisher in the world, leads travelers to both the tourist hot spots and the lesser-known gems in destinations around the globe. Tom shares how Lonely Planet handles the push and pull between digital travel content and traditional printed books as well the delicate balance of off-the-beaten-path recommendations and responsibility to local communities.

“You showed me what I wouldn’t have found otherwise. You showed me what I hadn’t even thought of finding.”

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Nathan Thornburgh, co-founder of Roads & Kingdoms

Nathan Thornburgh was a foreign correspondent at Time Magazine and an editor on the foreign desk for almost a decade. In 2009 he met food writer Matt Goulding in Mexico City, who was working on a story called, “There Are No Nachos in Mexico City.” Over beers, Nathan and Matt figured out how to combine their political and culinary viewpoints to create what would become Roads & Kingdoms. Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain came on board shortly thereafter, collaborating on book projects and the publication itself.

“We can connect with an audience with much more specificity than we ever could have before.'” 

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Featured photo by Annie Spratt, Unsplash