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Episode 01: What Do National Parks and LGBTQ Activism Have in Common? Mikah Meyer

By , May 2nd, 2017

Mikah Meyer, Travel Beyond Convention

Mikah Meyer is an LGBTQ activist on a mission to become the youngest American to visit all 417 United States National Parks. His father’s sudden death in 2005 changed the way Mikah saw life and his own future. It took a “dream road trip” to cope with his father’s passing, so he returned to that idea on the 11th anniversary of his death by launching this world record trip.

“Retirement isn’t guaranteed, age 50 isn’t guaranteed, and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.”

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Teri Marshall, Rush Creek Lodge

Widely considered the most popular United States National Park, Yosemite is a bucket list destination for those seeking the views, adventure, and serenity of wild America. Teri Marshall from Rush Creek Lodge shares how the new resort is helping travelers of all types experience Yosemite and how their environmental efforts are helping keep the park beautiful.

“The beauty of Yosemite is something that I believe in as a means to make people better people.”


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