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Episode 05: Party Of One: Is Solo Travel Safe?

By , May 16th, 2017

Aniko Villalba, Viajando Por Ahí

Argentine Aniko Villalba has been a solo traveler for going on eight years and has turned her stories into a successful blog and several books. Aniko revisits some of her most memorable experiences, including waking up on a cold train ride in South America to see that someone had placed a blanket over her. That moment early on in her travels shaped her worldview and she has since become an advocate for solo travel as a means to see beyond scary news headlines.

“We are all from the same planet. We have a lot more in common than differences.”

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Lucy Anderson Wood, Riad Star

Lucy Anderson Wood and her husband are the co-owners of four riads in Morocco, including the mesmerizing Riad Star. Located in the heart of Marrakesh, Riad Star has become a serene home base for solo travelers of all kinds. Lucy shares more about the rich history of the hotel, the solo-friendly amenities, and the Henna Cafe’s philanthropic twist.

Photo courtesy of Riad Star by Marrakech Riad’s Facebook Page

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“Riad Star fell into our laps by complete serendipity.”


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National Geographic Traveller: “According to research in the ABTA Consumer Survey 2015: Holiday Habits Report, nearly one in six people — or 15% of us — holiday alone. And this is just one of a raft of recent reports that indicate solo travel is no longer a niche pursuit.”

“…Pinterest reports that pins focused on female solo travel rose by 350% between 2014 and 2015. Tour operators are increasingly catering to this burgeoning market with everything from women-only ski camps in the Alps, to women’s walking holidays in Japan, or cultural trips in India.”

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