Episode 06: Voluntourism: Is There A Right Way To Give Back?

By , May 30th, 2017

Kerry Rodgers, Give A Day Global

From teaching art to inmates at San Quentin Prison to teaching photography to children in Haiti, Kerry Rodgers is an artist, an educator, and a lifelong philanthropist. She is currently the co-founder and executive director of Give A Day Global, a nonprofit organization that connects travelers to volunteering opportunities around the world. She sheds light on the some of the controversy surrounding voluntourism and shares how she stays positive in the face of our world’s greatest obstacles.

“I’ve always been someone who cared about justice and equality.”

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David Bowen, Grace Bay Club

David Bowen is pretty much the definition of a jack of all trades. He went on scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet in New York City and toured the world as a dancer. David went on to spend 10 years in Tokyo before returning home to Turks and Caicos where he became the Director of Wellness, Entertainment, and Culture at the Grace Bay Club, working with the hotel’s foundation to give back to the local community.

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“There’s a sense of ‘I am not just part of my country, I am a part of this big world, and let me contribute to it.'”

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NPR: “As you plan — or even go — on your summer vacation, think about this: More and more Americans are no longer taking a few weeks off to suntan and sightsee abroad. Instead they’re working in orphanages, building schools and teaching English. It’s called volunteer tourism, or ‘voluntourism,’ and it’s one of the fastest growing trends in travel today. More than 1.6 million volunteer tourists are spending about $2 billion each year.”

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