Ultimate James Bond Hotels from The SPECTRE Filming Locations

Good Evening Mr.Bond. With today’s release of the new 007 movie, audiences around the world will be once again captivated by the antics of arguably the world’s most famous spy.

Filming has wrapped up in five different locales around the world and the film promises to be huge with a budget of over $200 million and an opening sequence in Mexico City with over 1500 extras. We’ve hand-picked our choices for James Bond hotels from all the SPECTRE filming locations and we’re curious to see just how prominently hotels figure into this installment of the series.

The Edition Hotel


Bond may have remained virtually ageless, but that’s not to say he hasn’t received a few updates, much like the building which houses the Edition Hotel in London. While he may have his own London apartment, Bond probably checks into the Edition when he he wants to disappear in his city. A suave mix of mid-century modern furniture meets soaring neo-classical architectural details and some very posh artwork both in the public spaces of the hotel and the guest rooms. From his suite, Bond would look over sweeping views of London, scrub up before dinner under a rain-forest shower with the hotels signature masculine Le Labo bath products which could very well be his trademark scent and check in with M while lounging on his King-Sized bed. The Edition has an understated elegance that fits in well with the mysterious Bond persona making this hotel a favorite with other celebrities visiting London as well.

The London Edition

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El Minzah Hotel


At the risk of giving too much away from the upcoming Bond installment, SPECTRE, we’re willing to bet that when Bond visits Tangiers for the second time since 1987’s The Living Daylights, he’ll be calling the El Minzah his home away from work. The El Minzah Hotel in Tangiers was opened by a British aristocrat in 1930 and has seen some high-stakes travelers pass through its elaborate doors.The hotel is decorated in a magnificent Arabesque style, with detailed traditional North African woodwork. Catch Bond slipping into the Caid’s Piano Bar late night for a martini, shaken not stirred. As demonstrated in the first Bond movie, Goldfinger, which was filmed at the Stoke Park hotel in Buckinghamshire, England, Bond won’t say no to a round of golf — so long as no one’s cheating — so he would be delighted by the proximity of the El Minzah to the Royal Golf Country Club. Following a tough day of chasing bad guys, Bond could unwind in the El Minzah Wellness club with a steam bath. And that’s all we can say about why his latest mission takes him to this locale.

El Minzah Hotel

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Boscolo Exedra Rome


SPECTRE will see James Bond visiting Rome for the first time — and where better to enjoy the Eternal City than the Boscolo Exedra Roma hotel? Located on the Piazza della Repubblica, the five-star hotel is a sumptuous launching plate to the city, which, no doubt, 007 will leave riddled with bullet holes. We can only hope that a hotel as beautiful as this one would escape collateral damage. The hotel has a rich history, much like the city, including important remains of the Baths of Diocletian, which can be seen on the first floor as well as neighboring a basilica designed by Michelangelo. Mr. Bond can enjoy a few laps of the pool with a View To Kill for over the city. This sumptuous hotel is no stranger to discretion and Bond could fully enjoy some privacy with his latest consort, played this time around by actresses Lea Seydoux and Monica Bellucci in the spacious suites. You’ll have to watch the movie to see which one makes it to Rome with 007.

Anantara Palazzo Naiadi Rome Hotel

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Bergland Sölden Hotel


Dying for the chance to experience a real Bond hotel? The Bergland Sölden saw a large chunk of the cast and crew of SPECTRE hiking through the Austrian Alps to reach this small alpine town in Tirol back in January 2015 for filming. Bond surely packed his skis — he demonstrated his superior downhill skills when he pursued Elektra King in The World Is Not Enough and rarely misses an opportunity to enjoy the sport. Fresh off the slopes, Bond would head to the Sky Spa for a personalized program targeted to relieve his tired muscles; you can’t stay that fit without some damage to the body. The hotel is decorated in a cozy mix of wood, stone, felt and wool, giving 007 a quiet respite in his room away from the hustle and grind of 007’s MI6 duties. We’re nearly positive there will be a downhill ski chase with this stunning hotel as a backdrop for yet another close call with death for Bond.

Bergland Design- und Wellnesshotel

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Downtown Hotel


The intimate Downtown Hotel in Mexico City is housed in one of the oldest residences in Mexico City. We can picture Bond running down the stone-forge staircase as he embarks on another mission- and as we will see in SPECTRE, this one may not be authorized. While rumors swirled that Mexico’s presence in the new movie was an attempt to revitalize the image of the often dangerous city, this hotel has the air of a peaceful bohemian residence. Perhaps Bond will finally be able to unwind in their rooftop pool and bar, all while keeping an eye on the majestic church and casino rooftops visible across the city skyline.

Hotel Downtown Mexico

Mexico City
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