When is Memorial Day 2021? (And Where to Travel for the Long Weekend)

Not only do we have the dates covered, but we have suggestions on where you should travel for the long weekend.

We work hard in the U.S. — sometimes even a little too hard, leaving perfectly good vacation days on the table while the rest of the developed world is happy to say au revoir. Don’t make that mistake this year. Take advantage of the extra day off and go someplace new over Memorial Day Weekend this year.

Step 1: When is the Memorial Day in 2021?

In 2021, Memorial Day falls on Monday, May 31st, meaning the long weekend lasts from Saturday, May 29th to Monday, May 31st. This is a federal holiday, so unless you’re considered an essential government employee, that means you have the day off.

Step 2: Book your Memorial Day weekend away

With one paid holiday given, why not tack on the Friday preceding the weekend and/or the Tuesday immediately following to make it an extra long weekend?

If you think they need you at the office, well, trust us. They don’t. We’re sure you’re special and important, but the world will not implode if you embrace the long weekend. Instead, live a little and plan a long weekend getaway this Memorial Day. Here are some suggestions.

Plan A Family Vacation

Memorial Day weekend is a great time to take the kids and hit the road as a family. For that, we have plenty of recommendations coming from the best family travel experts there are — moms themselves.

Plan A Romantic Getaway

A long weekend is a great opportunity to reconnect with your significant other. Try one of our romantic getaways written by locals who know the top hotels in states around the country where you can get away and get some privacy.

Stick with Adults Only

Maybe you have kids, maybe you don’t. Whichever camp you fall into, there’s definitely been a moment (or seven) where you just wanted to get away from the sight of children and be surrounded by adults. If that’s the case, check out our variety of articles cover adults-only resorts from Florida and California to Mexico and the Caribbean.

City Break

Plenty of travelers use Memorial Day weekend to get out of town. But maybe you don’t want to get out of the city. After all, that’s where things to do are. You’ve got theater, art, music, bars, restaurants, and history. If you want to get in the middle of the action, take a look at some of our city articles that put you in some of the coolest hotels you can find.

Beach Resorts and Hotels

May is a great time to hit the beach, especially if you get lucky with some early warm temperatures. Try some of our favorite beach articles to get a little sandy inspiration.


Still not sure what to do or where to go? That’s alright. For that, we have a potpourri of stories for you, a selection of some of our more offbeat, different travel experiences that might help point you in the right direction.

Feature photo courtesy of Frank McKenna on Unsplash